Ringo and the case of the Missing Drumsticks

Chapter 1.
John, Paul, Ringo, and George were in the studio one day.Ringo was asleep in a chair with a capover his eyes and his feet on a desk. "Come on, Ring. Practice" John said to Ringo pointing to his watch. Ringo stood up "Ok just let me get me drumsticks" Ringo said walking over to his case.He looked in but didn't see his drumsticks."What?" Ringo said to himself in disbelief. "Alright, John what did you do with me drumsticks?" Ringo demanded casually walking over to John. "I didn't touch your drumsticks" John said defensively. "Oh, here you go, Ring" Paul said handing him his drumsticks. "Thanks, Paul" Ringo said slightly puzzled.He walked back to his drumset. Later that night the Beatles were sitting at home. JOhn was laying in his sleeping pit reading. Paul and Ringo were playing cards in the floor George's side. And George was in the kitchen it was his turn to cook. The rest of the Beatles were trying to keep busy to hide their anxiety. "Alright it's ready!" George called from the kitchen. Paul, Ringo, and John groaned but went to the kitchen cautiously. But when they got to the kitchen they didn't see the usual. No food was burnt and, to their surprise, they could tell what it was George had cooked (tacos). Ringo and Paul sat down cautiously John had went ot answer the door. When he returned their friend Jimmy Nichol was with him. "Hey, Jimmy" Paul said trying to distract himself from the tacos. Ringo didn't look up, he was still trying to find something wrong with them. Finally Ringo decided it was alright. He took a bite of a taco then promptly spit it out. "Gah!" Ringo exclaimed. "Oh yeah, I made guacamole" George said. Ringo ran to the bathroom. John and Jimmy had gone into the living room for the grand tour and something from George and Ringo's snack machine. "...And....Oh that room Ringo went into is the bathroom. Or, as we've come to know it on George's turn, the disposal" John was saying. When Ringo finally came out of the bathroom they were saying goodbye to Jimmy. "Leaving already?" Ringo asked him. "Yeah big day tomarrow" Jimmy said mock stretching. "Bye, Jimmy" John said shaking his hand. "Bye, John" Jimmy said and left. Ringo decided to change clothes and go to bed. "Night, guys" Ringo said laying down in his blue hued bed. "Night, Ring" they chorused, but it was too late, Ringo was already snoring. < ahref="http://www.angelfire.com/la/magicalmysteryland/fanfic.html">

Chapter 2.

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