Rat Race

It rained.
The Beatles were sitting at home in London as it rained. John was sitting in a chair closest to the door reading the paper Paul was sitting at John's feet. And George and Ringo were on the couch staring at the ceiling. Paul started to hum. "Stop that bloody hummin'" John said kicking Paul with the toe of his shoe. "It's quiet" Ringo said. "Too quiet" George said. "So very quiet," Paul said playing with the fibers in the carpet. "Yeah, well, turn on a record. Don't just sit there like bloody idiots. Yer buggin' me," John said as he turned a page in his paper and sniffed. Ringo got up and walked across the room to the record player. "What do you want on?!" Ringo yelled. "Gah, Ringo!" George said. Paul jumped and went back to the carpet. "Look, Ringo. I'm gonna show ya how to do this." John said walking over to Ringo. "I know how to put on a bloody record it's you who doesn't know how to read in silence!" Soon there was a fight. George sat on the couch and listened. After a while George started looking at the floor. All of a sudden a huge rat came scurrying out from under the couch. The others were still arguing by the record player but stopped when they heard George scream. They all jumped and turned around. Paul's reflexes must have taken over because he punched John in the arm. John took it as a challenge and turned on him. "Is that the best you can do you bloody fairy!" John said holding his arm in pain. They almost started to fight but Ringo screamed too. "There it is!" Ringo yelled. John and Paul turned around. "What?" John said walking over. "A rat!" Ringo and George yelled. "Ah!" John jumped up on the coffee table. "Now who's the bloody fairy?" Paul said looking up at John. "Sod off, McCartney. Ah there it is!" John said pointing at the floor. Paul sighed "I'll get the mousetraps," and started toward the kitchen. "Oh, do you have to do that?" John said. Paul turned around and saw all three giving him puppy dog eyes. "Then what do you suggest?" **** About five minutes later John, Paul, George, and Ringo were all circling the room with rubber gloves and various mouse catching devices. John with a broom. Ringo with a trash bag. George with a basket. And Paul with a hammer. "Well, I don't see him," Paul said letting his guard down a little. The mouse came through the room again. This time at a much slower pace, walking on his hind legs and carrying a suitcase. "Look at that." George pointed to the mouse. Ringo picked it up. The little mouse sat up in Ringo's hand. "Put me down!" he said. "I can see right now that this is not a friendly place and I was just passing through on my way to a business meeting anyway. So if you'll be so kind..." Ringo put the mouse down. They all watched as the mouse walked to the front door. He turned to them "door." "Oh," Paul walked to the door and opened it for the mouse. The mouse tipped his hat and walked out. They all just looked at each other.

The END.

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