The Other Side

David Bowie woke up one morning and went to the kitchen to make coffee. As he stood at the counter, yawning and opening the coffee can, he glanced out the window and saw a castle that looked remarkably like the one in Labyrinth.
"Hmm, interesting." He kind of waved at it and walked away. As he put coffee in the pot he thought about the castle and realized it was actually in his back yard.
He rushed back to the window. As he stared at the strange anomolly the doorbell rang. David went to answer it. As he opened the door he couldn't believe who it was. Jareth, Ziggy Stardust, Jean Jenie, Lady Stardust, and Halloween Jack all stood on his front porch.
"Hi, David," they all chorused and waved. David blinked at them.
"So, how is this possible?" David paced the floor in front of Ziggy and Aladdin who sat on the couch, following him with their eyes. Jareth sat in a chair rolling a crystal around in his hands. Jean Jenie sat beside Halloween Jack in the floor while Lady Stardust leaned on the back of the couch watching over Ziggy's shoulder.
"Ok," David took a deep breath and stopped pacing. "Jareth, Ziggy, and Aladdin are all right, I'll give you that. I can even deal with Halloween Jack, but Lady Stardust and Jean Jenie? You're just characters from songs I wrote!" David held his head in his hands, trying to make sense out of it all.
"Sweetie? Who are you talking to?" David turned around to see Iman standing in the doorway.
"Oh, um... This is Jareth-"
Ziggy stoos up in a hurry and whispered urgently to David.
"She can't see us!"
Iman looked puzzled and backed away slowly.
"So there's the explanation, I'm going crazy." David slumped onto the couch between Aladdin and Ziggy. "It finally happened. I knew I would die this way."
"You're not going crazy and you're not dying. I made us invisible while she was here. Only you could see us," Jareth explained.
"So... If she were to walk in now..."
"She could see us," Aladdin said.
David sighed, got up and started toward the door. He felt someone following him and turned around. Jareth and Ziggy were behind him.
"Where ya goin'?" Ziggy looked at David intently.
"Out," David said.
"No you're not," Jareth said. David turned to him.
"I demand that you stay here and play with me." Jareth threw the crystal at David.
"No. You know what," David turned to the door. "I don't even hear you." David opened the door and turned to them, "or see you."
David got in his car.
"Can we go?" Ziggy looked at David with his best sad puppy face.
"Alright, get in." David sighed.
"Alright! Hey, everybody, road trip!"
They all came running out of the house as if Ziggy controlled them and got in the car.
David drove them to a coffee shop.
"Why do we have to come here? I wanna go dancing," Ziggy complained as they walked in.
"Shut up, Ziggy," Jareth said.
"Be nice," David said defensive but playfully.
"Ugh, but you don't understand," Aladdin said. "All the way down here it's been dancing this and dance club that."
"David, can we go shopping?" Ziggy batted his eyes sweetly.
"Oooh shopping!" Lady Stardust clapped his hands excitedly.
David sighed as they sat at a table. They were all so familiar yet so new and strange. He looked around the table at all the pairs of innocent eyes staring back at him. They all have my eyes, he thought.
"We might could tomorrow," he said finally.
"Oh good," Jareth said in cold sarcasim.
"You don't have to go," Aladdin said.
"Yeah, you could stay home with Jack and knit," Lady Stardust said sarcastically.
"Was that a crack at my outfit again?" Jack glared.
"No, it was a crack at his sexuality." Lady stardust pointed to Jareth. Jareth lunged at him from across the table. David laughed at them. They looked at him annoyed. Jareth sat in his chair again.
"So, when are you leaving?" David sipped his coffee.
"Leaving?" Ziggy said the word as if he had never heard it before.
"Who said we were leaving," Jack said.
Jean Jenie finally spoke; "We're not leaving, silly." He hit David on the arm playfully and started laughing.
The thought of these crazy mutants living with him made David tense up and start to shake. "What?" David stared at Jareth. Jareth shifted uncomfortably.
"No. We're your new roomates," Ziggy said patting David on the head.
David suddenly felt faint.
"Here." Jean Jenie reached into his pocket, took out a pill and handed it to David. David never looked at him but took the pill anyway.
The pill did wonders for David's nerves and he had become more open to the idea. Maybe too open....
"Yes, that's a wonderful idea!" David lay in the backseat across Ziggy and Jack's lap.
"You'll sleep in my bed with me."
"What was that pill, Jenie?" Jareth asked.
"It was like half a sleeping pill." Jenie stared wide-eyed at David who was playing with Ziggy's hair.
"Ziggy," David said dreamily. "I love you."
The car drove up to David's house, Ziggy and Jack pushed David out. David noticed someone sitting in the yard that looked awfully familiar.
"Hi," the figure said.
"Davy!" They all ran toward the familiar figure with their arms open. They embraced him and David realized who it was. David fainted.
Ziggy turned and saw David laying in the driveway unconcious. He walked over and lifted David's head, caressing his cheek gently. David's eyes fluttered open. He looked up and saw Davy.
"You're me?" David looked at him, astounded.
"Yeah. Pretty much." Davy stood over him holding his guitar, smoking a cigarette and looking at David with wide-eyed innocence.
They all went inside. Aladdin wrapped his arms around Davy's waist and fell onto the couch, laughing. David sat in a chair, astonished.
"We're here for a reason, you know," Jareth said.
"What is it?" David looked at him.
"We can't tell you," Jenie said.
"Then why did you mention it?!" David glared at Jareth and stood up, fists clenched. For the first time in his life Jareth felt frightened, almost humble.
"Because if we told you...." Ziggy trailed off hiding behind Davy.
"Yes.." David shot Ziggy the evil eye.
"Then, you'd know," Lady Stardust finished for him.
"Alright, before you get too comfortable there will have to be some rules."
It was the next morning and David was standing in the dining room in front of everyone sitting at the table. Ziggy was putting on make-up and the rest were actually paying attention to David. They all moaned. David rolled his eyes and continued.
"Ooooh!" Halloween Jack lept out of his chair and rushed to the radio which had been playing in the background.
"I love this song," Jack said to David as he turned up the volume. They all sang along untill David realized this made him mad and left the house. Jack turned the stereo off and walked to the table.
"Wow, I think he's really mad," he said sadly.
"Yeah," they all nodded.
"Maybe we should do something to cheer him up," Ziggy said.
"What could we do...." Jareth trailed off.
"Hmmmm," they all said in unison.
"We...could clean his house..." Aladdin said. They all glared at him.
"I know!" Lady Stardust jumped up. They watched him intently.
"It's almost his birthday," he said. They continued watching.
"So... We could throw him a party," he finished.
Later when David came homehe found the house decorated with lots of glitter and nice party stuff.
"Are you still mad?" Jenie layed his head on David's shoulder.
"No, I guess not." David patted his head.
"Yay!" They cheered.
"So.... Can we stay?" Davy asked.
They all gave David their best puppy dog eyes.
David sighed. "Ok, you can stay."
They cheered and hugged David.