John's New Friend

John Lennon woke up one morning on the Yellow Submarine. They had parked the sub the previous night in Nowhere Land where they thought they could get some peace and quiet, but John awoke to the sound of clanking metal and a scratching noise.
"Jeremy!" John yelled from his bed.
"Excuse me, sir, I must confer, the noise you hear it comes from there," Jeremy said pointing to the door. John got up and walked over to the door and opened it. The noise stopped but he didn't see anything.
"Meow!" John looked down and saw a sweet-looking yellow cat with blue eyes. John smiled and picked it up.
"John, what was all that racket?" George said when John came back in.
"It was a kitty" John said turning the cat around to face George.
"Meow!" the cat said very loudly this time.
"Isn't it precious!?" John exclaimed hugging the cat.
"What's all the..." Paul and Ringo came in.
"Oh no, John not this time" Paul said.
"What?" Ringo said.
"John's got another cat in here" Paul said.
"Awwww!" Ringo, George, and Jeremy were already crowded around John petting the cat.
"What's his name?" Ringo said.
"Can it speak?" Jeremy said.
"Is it a he?" George said.
"I don't know yet, I don't know yet, and we can always find out the last one," John said turning the cat upside down.
"It's a.... Hmmm I can't tell.." John said puzzled.
"I'm a boy," the cat said wagging it's tail.
"Oh, well I guess it can talk then" John said.
"Got anything to eat?" the cat said.
"Yeah we do" George said leading the cat into the kitchen.
"John, you can't go picking up strays everywhere we go. We already have 'alf a dozen at home," Paul said following John around as he made up his bed.
"Oh, we do not. Besides you pick up stray girls everywhere."
"But that's different."
"How is that different?"
"These are cats." John didn't answer.
"I don't know, Paul, I think he's kinda cute" Ringo said. They looked at the cat who was sitting cross-legged on the floor with George staring at Saturday morning cartoons and eating cereal.
"Aww. Com 'ed, Paul, 'ave a heart. All you need is Love, remember?" John said batting his eyelashes at Paul. Paul sighed in defeat.
"Alright boys, ready to go home?" Fred said.
"Yeah, push a button" John said. Ringo pushed the button which said 'home.'