Moonlight Dancing Part 2: 1969.

Chapter 1.
It had been almost two years since Abbie found the note. She had apologized to John and had been seeing him untill he left her in '68. Georgia had gotten pregnant by Mick's friend Brian and Mick had left her. Abbie had moved out and into her own place after quitting the diner in '68. Now she worked at a local fashion magazine.

Abbie was sitting at her typing. The typewriter ribbon ran out, she opened her desk drawer and got another one out. She saw the David Bowie album she had just bought the day before and sighed. She found herself getting lost in his multi-colored eyes. She almost thought she liked him better than David but shook the thought out.
"Darling." Abbie heard the familiar voice of her best friend and closed the drawer.
"Georgia, Day. How are you?" Abbie took the little baby out of Georgia's arms.
"Where's Brian?"
"Oh, he's coming." Georgia sat on the edge of the desk. Ever since Abbie had started work there Georgia and Brian had come to hang around.
"This is the last day we have to spend together," Georgia said adjusting Day's little blue hat.
"Brian only promised a year."
As Georgia said this Abbie saw Brian walking across to them. She envied Georgia, Brian looked so much like David.
"Hi, Brian," Abbie smiled.
As always Brian said nothing but smiled and turned to Georgia. Brian whispered something to Georgia and walked out.
"I have to go," Georgia looked like she was about to cry. She walked out distantly. Abbie felt sorry for Day. Georgia never liked him. she always said it was all his fault. She never would say what "it" was though.
"Hey, Abbie."
Abbie looked up to see Becky, one of the photographers, sitting on her desk.
"You going to the club tonight?" Becky smiled mischevously.
"Yeah. I'm taking my car though so you can go without me," Abbie said getting up to leave.
"Why? Is anything wrong?" Becky followed Abbie out the door.
"No. I just have to feed the cat. I'll meet you there."
"Alright. If there's anything you need I can do it you know."
"It's alright," Abbie said getting into her car.


At the club David Bowie sat at a table. He ran his finger over the edge of his glass tracing it's shape. He sighed as his thoughts drifted to Abbie. He had gone to Manchester for awhile with his manager, when he came back and saw she had left without leaving a note he was too ashamed to show his face to her again.
"Something wrong?"
David looked up adn saw his manager standing beside the table.
"No. It's alright."


Abbie drove up to Georgia's house and saw Georgia sitting on the patio. Abbie walked into the apartment and went out to the patio.
"Where's Day? I didn't see him in his crib."
Georgia turned to her. Her eyes were red from crying and she had a blank look.
"I don't know, check the car."
Abbie knelt beside her.
"Georgia, find your baby. Brian was too much for you. I'll be back tonight." Abbie got up and left.


"Abbie! Over here."
She had just walked into the club and already heard her friend's voice from across the room. She saw Becky waving from a table with several others. Becky stood when Abbie reached the table.
"Abbie, this is Daniel, Mick, Joe, and David."
When she said David Abbie recognized him immediately. David stood up.

Chapter 2.