Moonlight Dancing. Part 1: 1967.

Chapter 1.

A kiss starts out as a tender, light touch. Pulled away quickly, shyly...
"Another romance novel, huh?" Abbie looked up
sharply at her friend Georgia.
"So. At least I read," Abbie shot back putting the book on the counter of the diner where they worked.
"I read" Georgia protested from the kitchen.
"I mean something other than your horoscope," Abbie said as she started to clear away the dishes.
"Woo hoo!" Abbie heard from the kitchen. Georgia came running out.
"I just noticed what time it was," she said taking position by the door with her hand on the lock and her eye on her watch.
"Five seconds till closing time," she said.
"Four... Three," Abbie said looking at her own watch.
"Two.. One!" Georgia locked the door and they both started closing the blinds. Every Friday night Abbie and Georgia performed this ritual before they went to the club.
"I Can't believe you know Mick Jagger," Abbie said unbottoning her waitress uniform.
"See what I mean. If you would stop reading so much you'd have a life too," Georgia said sitting on the counter, putting on her make-up.
"What 'ave I said about changing clothes in the restaurant?" Abbie's brother, the owner of the diner, came out of the kitchen.
"I mean, really if people knew what went on in 'ere after hours, we'd never get any business," he said shaking his head at the topless girls.
"Lighten up," Abbie said pulling her mini skirt up.
"If you never came out of the kitchen you'd never even notice," Georgia said as they walked out the door. **** The club was dark other than the dancing ethereal red and blue lights.
"There he is." Georgia grabbed Abbie's hand and pulled her behind as they ran up to Mick Jagger who was sitting on a long sofa, talking to Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Georgia ran to Mick leaving Abbie behind a little and kissed him.
"Oh, there's someone I want you to meet," Georgia motioned for Abbie to come over. "This is Abbie."
"Wow," was all Abbie could manage but even that was barely audiable. Georgia sat down, leaving Abbie standing for a while untill Paul said "sit here, love."
Abbie sat beside Paul, watching her friend lean against Mick twirling his hair with her finger. Abbie thought maybe she could read her book and that would stop her from being so nervous. She looked in her purse and realized she had forgotten it. Paul put his hand on her knee. Abbie looked up.
"Here," Paul handed her a joint. "It'll take the edge off." Abbie smiled and took it. Just then John Lennon came over, sat beside her and leaned over as if to say something to Paul.
"Hey, Paul-Ah!" Abbie started laughing histerically.
"I'm over 'ere, John," Paul said.
"Oh. Where'd the bird come from?" John said, looking at Abbie.
"I'm Abbie." As she said this a bunch of lights turned on around the dance floor. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" started to play over the loud speakers.
"Shall we dance?" John said getting up. Abbie got up and followed John up to the platform. They danced to about five songs. Paul was right, that joint did take the edge off. By the end of the fifth song Abbie was leaning over the railing yelling obscinities at the dancers below. John had gone to the bar and returned with drinks for both of them.
"Shut up!" he said handing one of the drinks to her. Abbie laughed histerically. The band was starting to come back on stage. The lead singer caught Abbie's eye. He was adjusting a microphone in the center of the stage. He was tall and had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.
"Who's that?" Abbie said in a tone that John thought was rather loud. People were starting to look at them.
"That's the band, they're getting ready for another set." Abbie laughed drunkenly and hit him on the arm as hard as she could.
"No silly! I mean who's that fresh hunk of meat in front there!" Abbie pointed.
"That's David somthinorother. Come on you need to sit down," John said pulling her away by her waist.
"No! No. I wanna go home with David!" David, startled by all the noise, watched as John tried to pull Abbie away.
"Can I go home with you, David!" Abbie yelled as John fought Abbie's grip on the rail. The club errupted in laughter. David caught Abbie's eye and smiled, blushing. ****
"Ohhh he's pretty." Georgia, who was sitting in Mick's lap, rolled her eyes when she saw Abbie coming back.
"I should have warned you, John," Georgia said walking towards them.
"Why? Can't she hold her liquor?" John threw Abbie at Georgia.
"Yes you cheeky bastard. That's the problem." Georgia took Abbie by the arm and led her out.
"Bye, Mick. I'll see you," Georgia said as they walked out.
"Bye, babe," she heard Mick say.
"Honestly, every time you meet someone new you have to go get all loopy!" Georgia shook her as they walked toward her car.

Chapter 2.

The next morning Abbie woke up in the floor between her bedroom and the bathroom.
"Jared's mad," Georgia said as soon as Abbie lifted her head up.
"I told him you had stomach flu," she said handing Abbie a cup of coffee.
"Thanks." Abbie sat uo and took the cup from her.
"Where's John," Abbie asked looking around.
"He made me take you home. He wants to call you though," Georgia said sitting down behind Abbie, starting to brush her long red hair. "I told him he could," she added.
"Where's my book?" Abbie sipped her coffee.
"With Jared. I said I'd come by and get it later." Georgia put Abbie's hair up in a ponytail.
"Thanks," Abbie said getting up and sitting on the couch.
"What happened last night?" Abbie held her head in her hand.
"You got drunk. John gave you alcohol." **** That same morning John Lennon woke up at his house in his pit.
"Good morning, love," Paul said in a sing-song voice as he handed John coffee.
"Gah, I don't want that," John said pushing it away and walking into the kitchen. John poured a glass of pickel juice. "John!" George said as he watched in horror as John drank the whole glass. Ringo who had been sitting there the whole time shook his head. "What?" John looked at them. "It works." The others started to walk away.
"Ah! You'll understand when you're older!" John said with and exasperated wave of his hand.
"I'm only a year younger than you," Paul called from the living room.
"Year and a half!" John yelled back.
"I am older than you," Ringo said. ****
"I've practically been grown since I was twelve." Abbie was sitting in a club with Georgia later that night. They were sitting at a round table with John and Mick. Georgia was on another of her outrageous stories that Abbie couldn't bring herself to believe.
Mick laughed and said; "How did you ever manage?" Georgia laughed,
"I just screwed them all!" Everyone laughed. A song started to play over the speakers.
"Oh, Mickey dance with me." Georgia took his hand and they joined everyone on the dance floor. Someone on the dance floor caught Abbie's eye. At first she thought it was Mick but then she noticedhe wasn't dancing with Georgia. She felt as if she had seen him before.
"Do you want to dance?" Abbie turned around to John.
"Would you like to dance," John said again. Abbie realized she had gotten up and had been slowly moving toward the dance floor.
"Uh, yeah...I must." John walked Abbie to the dance floor and held her close as "Just One Look" played but Abbie couldn't keep her eyes off the other guy. He turned and she finally saw who it was. He seemed so familiar.
"Abbie." John put his hand under her chin and turned her head toward him.
"Oh, sorry," she said.
"That's alright. You seem rather distant," John said. Abbie saw Mick tap the other guy on the shoulder. It seemed she could remember his name. Those eyes were driving her crazy. Georgia walked up to her.
"I'm going home with Mick."
"Alright," Abbie said distantly.
"Alright." Georgia turned and left. John was standing behind her and he put his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.
"Do you want to go home," John nibbled her ear. The man left and Abbie focused her attention on John more. She turned around.
"Yes, alright," she said as she kissed John.

Chapter 3.

The next day Abbie woke up with John's arm around her. She looked over at John and kissed his eyelid then settled in his arms again. She felt eyes on her and looked up. George was standing over them watching her.
"Good morning, love," George said cheerfully. Abbie rubbed her eyes.
"What time is it?"
"It's morning," George said. Abbie glared at him as she picked up the clock beside the bed and looked at it. "Shit! I'm so late!" Abbie got up, put her clothes on and rushed out. George stood there wide-eyed, staring at the door. The sound of the door closing made John wake up. He patted the bed where Abbie had been and looked pitifully up at George when he couldn't find her.
"Where'd she go?"
George just stared dreamily off into space. The door opened, Abbie poked her head in.
"Bye, John, love." Then the door closed again. John smiled.


Abbie rushed into the diner and saw Jared standing behind the counterwith his arms crossed.
"I'm sorry," she said immediately.
"You should be. Especially dressed like that." His eyes got wider the more he saw his little sister standing there in a miniskirt and go-go boots, looking like she just had the fuck of her life in the woods.
"Who's shirt is that?" Jared handed her an apron.
"What?" Abbie looked down and realized she was still wearing John's shirt from last night. The blue and green sequins sparkled in the light, seeming to mock her. She sighed and tied the apron around her.Georgia walked past her putting a tray of dishes through the window to the kitchen.
"Rough night last night?" Georgia said with a sly smile.
"No. Rough morning. I was in such a hurry I flashed George when I got up."
Georgia leaned against the counter as she listened.
"You know, the strangest thing keeps happening to me. I keep seeing this guy at the club. I saw him last night and the night before and then I saw him again when I was coming here. What do you think that means?" Abbie started to clean off the counter.
"I think it means he lives in London," Georgia said. Abbie shot her a look. Georgia smiled.
"What does he look like?" Georgia sat on a stool on the other side of the counter, facing Abbie. Abbie stopped cleaning.
"Well, he's rather tall and he's got blonde hair-" Georgia cut her off.
"Short or long?"
"Long," Abbie sighed."Can I go on now?"
"Yes," Goergia said.
"Alright. And he's-" Georgia stopped again.
"Well," Georgia said impatiently. Abbie couldn't speak. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.
"Well, what did he look like?"
"Like that." Abbie pointed to the door. Georgia turned and looked. The man from the club had just walked in.
"Good day," he smiled.
"Abbie," Georgia hit her. "He's talking to you." This was accompanied by the "So, talk!" look.
"Oh," Abbie cleared her throat. "Hello," was all she could manage.
"May I use your phone?" He smiled again.
"Ok." Abbie stood there looking into his eyes. Georgia noticed and put the phone on the counter. He picked up the reciever and smiled. Georgia took Abbie's arm and led her to a corner.
"What should I do?!" Abbie whispered frantically. ]
"Talk to him," Georgia said pushing her two steps toward him. He looked up at her and smiled. Georgia smiled timidly and ran back to Georgia.
"Don't do that!" Abbie hit her.
"Ow! Look, go say somethin'!"
"What should I say?" Abbie said as Georgia pushed her again. Georgia went into the kitchen so Abbie couldn't run back. Abbie watched as he hung up the phone.
"Thank you," he turned to leave.
"Wait." She didn't know why she said it and she didn't know what to say next. She half hoped he didn't hear her. He turned around, both delighting and terrifying her at the same time.
"Yes?" He walked back to the counter smiling.
"I....Uh...was just..." she closed her eyes. "What's your name?"
"David Jones, what's yours?" He leaned on the counter. Abbie looked back toward the kitchen at Georgia who was peeking out the door with a delighted smile.
"Is that your friend? She's cute," David said with and evil grin. Abbie looked at him helplessly and turned to walk away.
"Don't go, I'm only having a bit of fun. I'm sorry," he said catching her arm. She looked at him.
"I don't even know your name yet."
"Abbie McDaniels," She smiled embarrassed that she had been tricked so easily.
"Would you like to go out sometime," he said as he brushed a curl from her shoulder. Abbie smiled and let herself look in his eyes again.
"When do you get off work?" Abbie didn't answer.
"Well," David said after awhile. Abbie jumped.
"What? Seven." She said.
"See you at seven then." David smiled and left. Abbie relaxed against the counter and sighed when David was out of sight. Georgia came out of the kitchen. Abbie looked at her with a delirously happy smile on her face. Georgia stood beside her and crossed her arms.
"What about John?"
Abbie looked at the floor dissapointed.
"Oh, I forgot about him. I'm going home. I'll figure something out." Abbie threw off her apron and sulked out of the restaurant.


Back home Abbie sat on the couch nibbling a cookie and staring off into space. She was thinking about John and what she was going to do about it all. Abbie got lost in her own thought and walked over to the window. She slowly drifted to sleep. When she opened her eyes again it was dark. Abbie looked at the clock. It was seven.
"I'm supposed to be off work now!" Abbie ran out the door.


When she got to the diner the door was already locked. Abbie kicked the door and slumped down on the sidewalk. It started to rain.
"Yeah, that's right. London really needs rain since I don't have an umbrella!"
"Good evening, sorry I'm late." Abbie looked up and saw David smiling down at her.
"What are you doing down there?"
"Oh, I.....was," Abbie stood up straightening her skirt. "I'm late too," she giggled. David handed her his umbrella.
"Where are we going?" Abbie asked.
"Wherever you want to go," David put his arm around her.
"I just want to get out of the rain," she said.
"How 'bout here then." David opened a door and they went in a little coffee shop.


They sat and talked for an hour. Now they were sitting in silence.
"Who are you," Abbie couldn't believe she said that. David stared at her questioningly.
"I'm sorry," Abbie said hiding her head in her hands.
"It's alright." David smiled and took her hand. Abbie looked away when she saw him.
"Look at me," David said squeezing her hand gently in his. Abbie looked at him and forced a smile.
"Now. What do you mean?" David let go of her hand.
"I don't know. Just forget it." Abbie turned to look out the window. It was raining harder. David watched as she brushed a curl away and put it behind her ear.
"David Bowie," he lit a cigarette. "Is a dreamer." Abbie turned to him puzzled.
"Bowie? I thought it was Jones," she said.
"It varies. Ready to go?" David got up, Abbie followed.

Chapter 4.
David and Abbie drove up in front of Abbie and Georgia's house. Abbie saw a car parked in the driveway she didn't recognize.
"Is that your car?" David stared wide-eyed at it.
"No. It's probably my roommate's friend's or something," Abbie said getting out of the car. She turned to David who was still staring at the car.
"Would you like to come in?"
David nodded. They got out and walked up to the door. David wondered over to the car about halfway up the walkway. Abbie smiled and started to open the door. She looked in the window of the door and saw Georgia and Mick running through the house naked. Abbie put the key back in her pocket and turned to David.
"Uh.... Why don't we go to your place."

David turned on the lights in his apartment. It was a little smaller than hers but it was decorated better. It made her a little suspicious. He didn't seem gay. David went in ahead of her and picked up a stack of magazine's, stuffing them under the couch.
"Come in, it's alright."
Abbie had been standing in the doorway watching. She came in shyly closing the door behind her. David led her to the couch and sat beside her with his arm around her, after turning on the stereo. He smiled shyly and looked down.
"I wanna give you something," he said.
David kissed her. The kiss. The first light tender touch. Abbie put her arm around his waist as the kiss became deeper, more comfortable. David put his other hand on her waist and leaned over, pushing her backwards onto the couch. His other hand, formerly around her shoulders, was now behind her head, cradling her gently. He moved his hand down to her thigh and up her skirt. Abbie moaned.

**** The next morning David woke up and saw Abbie sleeping beside him. He smiled and kissed her eyelid. She woke up and smiled. She ran her fingers through his hair which had gone from a Beatle style to being flipped over to the side.
"It looks good like that, you should keep it that way," Abbie mused. David took her hand and kissed it.
"Do you want me to?"
"Yes, I think it's nice." Abbie stroked his cheek. Their eyes met and David quickly looked away.
"What's wrong?" Abbie sat up.
"Nothing. Do you want to go out on Friday?" David looked at her.
"Yes. I'd like that."

Friday night.....
"So what made you want to become a singer?" Abbie and David were walking down the street toward Abbie's house after their date.
"Mick Jagger," David said as if everyone knew except Abbie. As they started up the walkway Abbie noticed John's car. She turned to David.
"Uh, maybe you should go home. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Why?" As soon as David said this it started to rainand the front door opened. Abbie closed her eyes. John ran out the door with a broomstick, screaming like a banshee, towards David. John hit David with the broomstick, Abbie took it away and hit John over the head with it. John passed out.
"Well, I guess you can come in now," Abbie said. They started toward the house.
"We're just going to leave him here?"
Abbie looked at John laying n the rain, twitching a little.
"No, I guess not." Abbie walked back and took all his clothes leaving John his underwear. Then went in the house with David.

Chapter 5.
Later that night Abbie woke up after hearing the door close. She rolled over. The bed was still warm where David had been. She got up and walked into the living room. She found two candles lit on the coffee table with a single red rose and a note between them. She picked up the note and read it:

Dearest Abbie,
My manager called while you were sleeping. I have to leave. I really hope to see you again. I don't know when I'll be back.
When I get home--Moonlight Dancing.

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