Misunderstanding All You See

Chapter One 1964: John, Paul, Ringo, and George were sitting on a plane. "Hey, Paul" George said leaning over to Paul's seat holding a newspaper. "What?" Paul said looking out the window. "Have you heard where we're going?" George said. "Oh,um no don't think I have. Do you know?" Paul said. "No, that's why I asked" George sat back in his seat. "I know where we're going" John said closing his eyes. "Where?" They all turned to him. "Well, it's nowhere great, just France" he said looking up at them. Excited giggles and whispering started among the four until Ringo said "Will we have to eat snails?" "No, Ringo, we're Beatles we can eat anythin' we want" Paul said. John turned to look out his window. Who would've thought his little band would end up going to France. It all seemed strange to him. He leaned back and closed his eyes. "Paul, I'm sick" Ringo said leaning his head on Paul's shoulder.
****** When they finally landed Ringo was asleep. "Ringo, wake up" Paul was shaking him. "Ringo, look look" George was shaking him and pointing out the window. "What?" Ringo sat up. "Look out the window" George said. "Wow" Ringo said. There was a crowd of screaming girls holding signs saying "We Love You" and things of that sort. "Can we have one?" John asked George Martin. "No, you can't, John. Come on" George Martin said motioning for them to follow him out. They came out of the plane to the sound of screaming. They waved and were rushed through the crowd and across town to their hotel. "I feel like I missed something" Paul said throwing his bag on the couch when they were in their room. The others laughed. "Look at the veiw" George said pointing out the window. The others rushed over. There was another crowd outside the hotel. John opened the window "Hey! We love you too!" John yelled waving at them. The crowd looked up and screamed and waved at them. "What are you doing?" George Martin said coming in and seeing them leaning out the window. They closed the window and turned around. "What is it?" George said. "Just came in to tell you that you have five minutes" George Martin said and walked out. "Five minutes for what?" Ringo said sitting in a chair. "Press conference" Paul said. Ringo looked confused. "They told us on the plane, son" John said patting his head. Ringo nodded and leaned back. Paul started combing his hair in the mirror. George sat on the couch with the newspaper. "Five minutes, George" John said flipping the paper. "Stop I can tell time" George said straightening the paper. "Touchy, touchy" John said flopping down on the couch beside him. Goerge hit him with a pillow. "Oh oh now you're gonna get it!" John said lunging at George. "Come on, guys" Paul said putting his jacket on. Ringo got up and followed him out. John and George had untangle each other first but ran out to catch up.
Chapter 2. Later that night they were back in the hotel room. "Can you believe that?" Ringo said gesturing toward the crowd outside. John sat in a chair with his guitar. Paul slumped on the couch with Ringo. Brian Epstien came in waving a peice of paper excitedly. "Guys, look" he said thrusting it at Paul and Ringo. Ringo looked at it. "Look, look" he said handing it to Paul. John grabbed it first. "We're number one!" JOhn said jumping up and down. George, thinking it just another smug comment took the paper. It was a telegram saying their song "Please Please Me" was number one on the charts. Paul still hadn't seen it so he grabbed it from George anxious to see what was so exciting. Paul read it and started jumping with the rest of them. A while later they had exhausted themselves. Paul, Brian and Ringo were slumped on the couch. John was sitting in the chair playing guitar. George was sitting on the arm of the chair reading the telegram once again. "I'm hungry" Ringo said. "Let's order room service" Brian said picking up the phone. "I'm with you, man" Ringo said giving him a thumbs up. The others laughed.
**** The next morning there was a knock on their door. Brian answered it. It was George Martin "Oh, hello, Brian" he said walking in. John was asleep in the chair, George was awake reading the paper on the couch, Paul wasn't in there, and Ringo was asleep under the coffee table. "Flowers for you, John" George Martin said handing him a bouquet. "Oh, I love you too, George" John said throwing them on the coffee table. John looked back at the flowers then at Ringo on the floor then back at the flowers. John got an idea. He grabbed his polaroid camera and the flowers. He put the flowers under Ringo's hands across his chest and took the picture. "John," George Martin said taking the picture away "you know you can't do thinkgs like that. Not now." He threw it in the trash.
***** Later that day the Beatles were gone and the maid came in. She saw the picture laying in the trash and grabbed it. Ringo looked dead laying under the coffee table. She put the picture in her pocket and left without finishing, after this picture was sold she wouldn't have to clean anymore. "Didn't do a very good job did they?" Paul said when they came back. "The french aren't very big on cleaning" George said. "And where do you get your information then, Georgey?" Brian said putting his foot on the arm of the couch. "I listen when people talk instead of talking over them" George said picking up a magazine. Brian tousled his hair. "No, no here's how you do that" JOhn said rubbing George's hair. "Stop!" George said combing it with his fingers. Brian and John were laughing. George turned red and ran to a mirror to comb it. John sat in his place on the couch. Brian sat beside him. Paul sat in a chair and turned on the TV. "On to our top story" the newswoman said. "This oughta be good" John said. The picture of Ringo flashed up on the screen in front of them. "Hey, that's me" Ringo said. George Martin put his head in his hands. John was stunned. "Famous drummer, Ringo Starr, died in his hotel room of a drug overdose last night." Paul turned the TV off and they all turned to John. "Who took that picture?" Ringo said looking at John. John turned red and tried to run away but George held him from behind. "You realize, John, that Ringo is now a ghost amongst us" George Martin said. "Yes" John said sinking farther into the couch. "John, you're lucky I don't knock you out right now" Ringo said holding his fist in John's face. "Who you callin'?" Paul said. "The car. You're explaining this" George Martin said pointing at John. John hung his head. Later that day they had a last minute press conference. "Ringo, are you the real Ringo or a stand in?" a woman from the crowd said. "I'd like to explain that." John explained the whole story about George Martin throwing it in the trash. "But how did they get it?" Another woman said. "We don't know" they all said in unison. The crowd laughed.
Chapter 3. "Who do you think got that picture?" Paul said later that night when they were sitting in the restaurant. "I don't know" John shrugged. "John, I can't beleive you're making us eat snails" George said when the waiter came back with their food. John shrugged and ate one. The others looked at him worriedly at first then John looked up. "How was it?" Paul said. "Sweet" John said. George ate one and ran to the bathroom. Ringo and Paul pushed theirs away. "You gonna eat that?" John said pointing to Ringo's. "No" Ringo said. John put them on his plate. "How come you don't like 'em, Ring?" John said. "Just don't" Ringo said making a face. "I wonder if it was the maid that got that picture" Paul said. "What, Paulie?" John said looking up. "Oh, nothing just thinking aloud" Paul said. John returned to his snails. George came out of the bathroom, saw JOhn still eating and ran back to the bathroom. "I think we should take George back" George Martin said. When they got back Paul decided to investigate his theory. "Hey, Ringo come here" Paul said beckoning Ringo to follow him around a corner. "What?" Ringo said. "I think I know who stole that picture of you" Paul said triumphantly. "Who?" Ringo asked. "The maid" Paul said. "Which one?" Ringo asked disappointed. "Oh, well good question" Paul hung his head. Ringo rolled his eyes and walked back to their room. "Where's Paul?" John asked him. "Out there" Ringo said waving his hand toward the door. "What's he doin'?" "I don't know really" Ringo said picking up a magazine. John went out "Hey, Paul" John whispered. "Paul?" John turned a corner. Paul turned the corner. "Aggggh!" they screamed. "What are you doin' out here? Come in" John said. "Oh, just walkin'. You know I don't get out much" Paul said walking back to the room with John.
**** Later that night the Beatles were in bed. Paul, George and Ringo were anyway. John was on the floor. Paul crawled down to the foot of his bed and looked down at John. "John" Paul whispered. John didn't move. "Hey, John." John still didn't move. Paul got a bell from beside the bed and rang it beside John's ear. "Hey, John" Paul said. "What?!" John sat straight up. "You asleep?" Paul whispered. John threw a blind punch but missed. "Anyway, I was wondering, what if George took the picture" Paul whispered. "Why George?" John said. "Well he was the last one out of the room with us." "No, not George. George? Really?" "Maybe" Paul said laying his head on his arm. "What's going on?" Brian sat up on the couch and looked at them. "Oh, Paul has an interesting theory about our little picture scandel" John said. "Oh. Go back to sleep" Brian said. "Ok Paul and John chorused. Paul crawled back to his pillow. Across the room Ringo was laying in bed looking at the ceiling. Ringo rolled over"Hey, George" he whispered. George didn't answer. "George" he whispered again. "What?" George suddenly sat up. Ringo jumped a little. "You awake?" Ringo asked. "I am now" George said rubbing his eyes. "Do you think Paul could've stolen that picture?" Ringo said. "Paul? Why Paul?" George said. "Well he's always wanted quick money like that" Ringo said. "No, not Paul. Really? Paul? You think?" George said glancing over Ringo's shoulder at Paul. Ringo nodded. "Hey, what's going on over there?" George Martin whispered from a chair. "Oh just Ringo and his theory about our little picture scandal" George said. "I think Paul did it" Ringo said. George Martin yawned "oh. Go back to sleep." Ringo laid his head back down and went back to sleep.
Chapter 4. The next morning everybody was suspicious. They were all sitting at a table in a restaurant. John and Pual were glaring suspiciously at George and George and Ringo were glaring suspiciously at Paul. Brian seemed to be entertained by the whole thing while George Martin was wishing he wasn't there. "Alright, George confess" Paul said finally. "No, you confess, Paulie" Ringo said. "I think you all have it wrong" Brian said to stop the shouting. They all turned to him. "I think it was John" Brian said. "Hey don't start bringing innocent parties into this" John said and they all started arguing again. Georgey M. put his head in his hands Please stop it!" he yelled. They all sat back down in their chairs and looked at Georgey M. "Now, Paul who do you think it is?" he said. "George" Paul said. "Yeah I agree with that" John said. "What about you, Ringo" he said pointing to Ringo. "Oh, Paul" Ringo said. "I have no opinion on anything excet your tie" George said. "Yeah it really does seem you could get another one" John said. They nodded their heads in agreement. Georgey M. rolled his eyes at them. "Well, who do you think did it?" Brian said to Georgey M. They all turned their heads. "I don't know" he said. "Hey I've got an idea" Paul said. They all looked at Paul. "Lets throw something and whoever it hits is who did it" Paul said. "Ok. Who's gonna throw what?" John said. "Don't start throwing things" Georgey M. said. "Oh, who made you king?" John said waving him off. "I did, now stop" Georgey said. Paul waved him away. They finally decided to throw Paul's hat. "Ok, Ringo you throw it" Paul said. Ringo stood up, closed his eyes and threw. "Ow!" they heard from across the room. They ran to see what it was. It was the maid "I was right! I was right!" Paul said. John helped her up "Are you alright?" "Yes thank you" she said. "Were you the one who took that picture of me?" Ringo said suddenly. "Yes" she hung her head. "What do you think we should do with her?" Ringo whispered to John. Eventually they came up with a plan. "Alright, if you promise never to do that to us again and leave us alone we'll let you go" John said. "I promise" she said. And so the Beatles left France, and the maid behind forever (or at least 'till Georgey's headache went away).

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