The One After My Hard Days Night

It was 1967. This time I was driving to the Beatles house in my very own car! 'I' being Ringa Starr (who else). Only I'm 17 this time instead of 14. I had met Paul's girlfriend, Linda, in a pub the day before and she told me where they lived. Boy were they going to be surprised. I started thinking about the first time we had met and blushed. As I pulled up to their house my mouth dropped open at the size of it. I knocked on the doo and Paul answered "Hello, love, remember me?" I said. Paul jumped a little "Ringa?" he said. "You're lookin' at her" I said. "Who is it, Paul?" John called. I walked up behind John "Hello, John" I said. John turned around "Ringa!" John jumped as Paul did but hugged me. "Oh, hold on there's someone in the car" I ran back out the door. "Come on, Lee" I said to my sister through the car window. "I'm comin'" she said trying to pull her guitar out of the car. I rolled my eyes "Turn it 'round" I said. Lee turned it and it came out. I wacked her in the back of the head. She turned around and tried to punch me but I ducked out of the way. "Quit tryin' to be tough and go in" I said pushing her toward the door. We saw the four Beatles sitting in the living room. "Ringa!" Ringo and George chorused. "Who's this then?" John said walking over to Lee, poking her. "This is my sister Lee" I said. "Britney. Lee's my middle name" she corrected me. "What on earth do you keep in such a big house?" I said wandering off into another room. "So what do you do?" John asked Lee. "Wow! Lee come in here!" I called from the other room. "Ooooooh" she said looking at the pool in the middle of the room. "So, I take it you're not leaving anytime soon are you, Ringa?" Paul said. "Well, if you insist" I said. "Good work, Paul" Ringo said wacking the back of his head. "You don't really like me too much do you?" I said. "No we like you" George said putting his arm around me. George picked me up. "Aggh!" I screamed surprised. I looked down at the floor "You're so tall!" I said looking down at Ringo. "Dump her in, George" Ringo said pointing to the pool. "Should I?" George turned to the others. They all cheered, including Lee. "Traitors!" I yelled at them. George threw me in. I came up, they were all laughing. George jumped in with me. Then Paul, Ringo, and John jumped in. We all started laughing.

Later that afternoon Linda came home fom the grocery store. "Hi" I said when she came in. "Oh, hi" she said fumbling to close the door. Paul took the bags from her and took them into the kitchen. "I went in behind them. "Why are you wet, sweetie" Linda was saying to Paul stroking his hair. Paul and I exchanged glances and giggled. Paul left. Linda started putting the groceries in the cupboards. "So, what are you doing here?" she said to me. "Oh, y'know" I said and started eating the fruit out of the centerpiece on the table. Lee walked in the kitchen, got a soda, and walked out. "Who was that?" Linda said pointing out the door. "Oh that's my sister, Lee" I said still eating fruit. "This is really pretty" I said gesturing to the centerpiece. "Oh, yeah. Paul and I made that" she said. "What are you makin'?" I said. "Lasagna. You stayin'?" she said. "Yeah. I'll stay forever. I still live with my parents" I said getting more fruit. "Stop eating the centerpiece, you'll get full" Linda said opening a can of spaghetti sauce. "Ok" I said tearing off a handfull of grapes and walking out. Ringo and John were playing chess on the floor and Paul was sitting on the couch like it was the most fascinating thing in the world. "What's going on?" I said sitting beside Paul. "Me and George have a bet going that John'll win but Ringo's coming close" Paul said. George walked in and sat in a chair close to Paul. "What's happenin'?" George said. "Ringo just took John's queen" Paul said never taking his eyes off them. "Oh. Grape" George said noticing my grapes. I handed him one. "I'm gone. Nice meeting you all" Lee said. John and George waved at her. "Bye, Linda" she called. "Bye!" Linda called fom the kitchen. Lee left. "Checkmate" Ringo said. Paul put his head in his hands. "Alright, Paul" George said holding out his hand to Paul. Paul fished a wad of cash from his pockets "You two are in cahoots" h said handing it to George. Ringo got up and walked to his bedroom giving George a high five as he passed. George went to the kitchen. Paul and I sat back on the couch. John was still sitting on the floor staring at the chess board in disbelief. There was a knock at the door I went to answer it assuming the others didn't feel like it. I opened it "Is that me woman?" John called from the living room. "Assuming Yoko Ono is your woman, yeah!" I called back letting Yoko in. John got up when she entered the room and picked her up. Paul just sat on the couch disgusted and annoyed by Yoko. "What's with him?" Yoko said pointing to Paul. "Oh, he lost a bet" John said waving a hand at him. I sat back down on the couch. "George isn't oing to be happy about you bein' here" I said pointing to Yoko. "And who are you that knows George so well?" Yoko said. "Well I don't know him THAT well" I said with a mischevous grin. Paul poked me "I'm Ringa" I said rubbing my arm where Paul poked me.

After dinner John, Ringo, and I played cards while George, Paul, and Linda sat on the couch glaring at Yoko. Eventually George couldn't take it anymore and threw a book at Yoko "Ow!" she screamed. John ran over and I peeked at his cards "I fold, John" I said walking into the room disgusted. Yoko was crying and George was glaring. "What's wrong?" I said. Paul was laying on the couch smoking, seemingly not caring, and Linda looked horrified. "George threw a book at Yoko" John said glaring at George. I suddenly looked as horrified as Linda. "She deserved it!" George said defensively. "For what?" I yelled back "Having a different skin color?" This statement made Paul sit up. I ran outside and stood by the front door. A few minutes later John and Yoko came out and got in their car. I waved at them. They smiled and waved back. Paul came out after John drove away "That was a very brave thing you did for Yoko" he said bending down to my level. I sniffed and he hugged me. I started to cry.

The next morning I got up. Things had cooled down a bit since last night and the mood had changed in the living room. Paul and Ringo were watching cartoons on the couch. "Oh, please don't hurt me" Ringo mocked when he saw me. I just waved him away and continued into the kitchen where Linda was making breakfast. "Good morning" she said when she saw me. I rubbed my eyes and sat at the table. "What's wrong?" Linda said. "Oh, just tired, I guess" I said getting up and going to the refrigerator. "I'm making breakfast. You don't need anything out of there" Linda said closing the refrigerator door. I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch beside Paul. "What's the metter, love?" Paul said. "Just tired" I said yawning.

After breakfast Paul and I took, or rather dragged, George to John's house. "Oh, come on, George" I said turning around to George from the front seat. George just sat with his arms crossed all the way there. We made George knock and we stood behind him. John answered "What?" he said rather hostily. "I'm here to apologize to chink" George said. Paul wacked him in the back of the head. "Ow! I mean, Yoko" George said rubbing his head. John turned and let us come in. We followed him to Yoko's little art studio at the end of the hall. "Yoko" John said. Yoko turned from her painting "What?" "George has something to say" John said. George looked at the floor "I-I'm...... I think Paul should apologize too" he said. "Alright, that seems fair" Paul said walking up to Yoko. "I'm sorry" Paul kissed her hand. Yoko blushed. Paul went back and pushed George toward her. "I'm" George looked helplessly at us then turned back. "I'm sorry" George said finally sneering at Yoko. "Well I accept. Just don't ever come near me again" Yoko said lowering her voice. "How am I supposed to keep that from happening when John keeps bringing you home!?" George yelled pointing to John. Paul and I dragged George back to the car before he started a fight. As we were putting George in the car John called me back to the door "Ringa, come here" he said. I turned and walked back to the door. "Here" he said putting a bracelet on my arm. "I made it. They're love beads" he said smiling and patting me on the head. "Oh, thank you, John!" I said hugging him. I ran back to the car and Paul drove us back. When we got in the house I ran to Linda. "Linda, look what John gave me!" I said excitedly holding my arm out to her. "Oh, that's nice. Look what Paul gave me" she said holding out her hand to me. She was wearing a diamond engagement ring. "Did he-? I said. "Yes" she said. "Are you-?" I said. Linda nodded and we both started jumping up and down excitedly. "When?" I said sitting down on the couch. "We don't know. Sometime next year probably" she said sitting down beside me.

I vaugely remember falling asleep on the couch. When I woke upthe sun had gone down a little more. I sat up the house was empty. I went into the kitchen. There was nobody there. I assumed I assumed they went to the studio while I was asleep but then Paul came back in "Hey, Ringa wanna come to the studio with us?" He said picking up his bass. "Ok" I said and followed him out the door. I couldn't beleive they let John drive. We all held on and eventually we convinced him to drive a little slower. We finally got to the studio, amazingly in one peice. "That's the last time we're letting you drive" Paul said. "Yeah, that's what you said last time" Ringo said opening the door to the studio. "Where have you been?" George Martin said as soon as he saw us. "You again 'eh?" he said looking me over. He gave me a look like 'I guess you're alright' and we continued into the studio. "We got hung up. John was driving" Ringo said. "Oh. Well I guess that's an excuse" George Martin said. They played untill midnight. I would have wondered how they kept it up so long except they were drunk and getting drunker all the time. Ringo was worse than any of them and after they finished the last song he kept playing untill he realized we were leaving. "Hey" he said running along side us. "I'm driving" John said trying to get the keys from Paul but I got there first. "No you're not!" We all yelled. John looked faintly crushed. "I am" I said getting in the car. George didn't look so good on the way home. "George?" Paul said putting a hand on his shoulder. George threw up as soon as we pulled into the driveway. "George!" we all yelled. Once John and I had managed to drag George into the house he was asleep. So we just left him in the floor of the doorway. Paul slumped on the couch and immediately fell asleep. Ringo almost made it up the stairs to his room but fell asleep halfway up the stairs. John had made it to a chair and fallen asleep. I smiled and covered them all up except George who had gotten wrapped up in the rug. I fell asleep on the floor under the rug with George. "Hey" George said shaking me. "What?" I said sitting up as much as I could to face him. "Good night" he said and went back to sleep. I looked at Paul and John who were now awake. John was sitting in the chair reading and Paul was on the couch smoking. "He did that to us too" Paul said looking at me.

The next morning I woke up on the couch. Paul and I had fallen asleep sitting up leaning against each other back to back. "Ow" I said stretching. I had gotten a horrible cramp in my neck. I looked over at the stairs. Ringo was still asleep on them. George was still asleep only the rug was over his head instead of his body. I could hear Paul snoring so I couldn't get up lest Paul would fall. So I just relaxed against Paul and waited and waited and waited untill I couldn't wait anymore. I saw John asleep in the chair. I figured I could reach him with my foot. So I tapped him on the shoulder "John." John stirred but didn't wake up. "John" I tried again a little louder hoping not to wake Paul. He didn't move. "John!" I finally yelled. "What?!" John said jumping up from the chair. He saw me trying to hold Paul up "Could you move this?" I said. Paul seemed to be getting heavier by the minute. "Oh" John came over and sat Paul up straight. "There" he whispered. I got up and ran to the bathroom. "Ta" I said when I came out. Paul was sitting up on the couch, awake this time. George was still under the rug. John was in the kitchen with Linda and Ringo was still asleep on the stairs. I walked over to Ringo and covered him back up. I sat on the stairs beside him patting his head. Linda walked in and smiled at us then continued on her way into the bedroom to get dressed I supposed. Paul looked at me petting Ringo and smiled "You really have a thing for him don't you?" he said. "Yeah I guess I do" I said smiling down at Ringo. George started talking in his sleep. "Hello there!" He screamed at the cieling throught the rug. Paul and I tried to supress laughter. "Would you like.......?" George trailed off sleepily. This made it even harder not to laugh. Then Ringo started singing "Be-Bop-a-Lula", or his version which sounded more like "Beep-Bup-Oh-Lulee", in his sleep and we burst into laughter. George sta up straight at all the noise. "What's going on?" he said rubbing his eyes. Paul and I exchanged glances and laughed even harder. John came in and we put our fingers to our lips so John could hear Ringo singing. John started laughing. Ringo sang for twenty minutes the same words over and over and every time it sounded like something different. By the time he stopped we were all laughing so hard we weren't making any noise except Paul who, even when he was trying to be quite, was always loud. Ringo woke up and stretched. "What's so funny?" he asked bewildered. We looked at Ringo and tried to stop laughing but looking at him didn't help. Linda came in "What's so funny?" she asked. "Ringo...." John managed to choke out but started laughing again. "Um....(sniff) Ringo was singing in his sleep" John finally managed to calm down enough to say. "It couldn't have been that funny" Linda said. "Well, hey they started it" John called still giggling pointing at Paul and I. Linda shook her head and kissed Paul good morning. Actually it was more like "Goodbye-for-the-rest-of-your-life" but John and I let it go without any comments, although we both knew what the other was thinking. Throughout the rest of the day John, Paul, and I giggled everytime we saw Ringo but it never got as bad as the first time. George walked around all day complaining about his back hurting and blaming it on everybody else around him.

By that night I was dreding going to sleep because I would have to leave the next morning. "What's wrong?" Linda asked me at the dinner table. "I don't wanna go home" I said looking down at the floor. "Oh, I know what you need" George said picking me up and carrying me to the pool room. "No! Don't let him do it!" screamed at the others standing behind him. "Oh, that's not what you want then?" he said putting me down. "No" I said giggling. "Then what do you want?" Ringo said. "I want to stay here" I said slightly saddened. "How about if we take you somewhere?" Paul said bending down to me. "Alright" I said smiling. "Well I can't I've got to go home. Bye" John called. "Bye, John" I called.

The next morning it was time to go. Lee had come back with the car. I was saying bye to them all. "Bye, Paul" I said hugging him. "Bye" he said hugging me back. "Bye, general" I said saluting John. "Bye soldier" he said saluting me. We both laughed, John bent down and hugged me. "Don't take your bracelet off" he said holding out his arm rather femeninly he had the same bracelet off. "I won't" I said. "Bye, George" I said kind of touching George's hand and starting on to Ringo. "Hey" George said kneeling down. "Bye, George" I smiled and hugged him. I hugged Ringo and didn't let go 'till John and Lee could pry me off. "Oh" I said. Lee dragged me out to the car and we drove home.