My Hard Day's Night

Chapter 1.
It was 1964. I was lying in bed looking at the ceiling waiting to go to the Beatles concert that night.
Oh! I'm sorry maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Ringa Starr major Beatles fan ever since I saw their first movie "A Hard Days Night" in the theatre. At 10:00 am I finally got up. I blew a kiss to the poster on the wall thinking back to the day in the theatre trying to hear what "the little one" was saying over the screaming fans. After breakfast I went outside. I tell you I'm always waiting for the day when you can play records outside. Anyway time went by pretty quickly/slowly depending on what kind of person you were. Before I knew it I was riding the bus to the concert. I had front row seats with one of my friends. All I remember is after the last song; the boys were taking thier final bows and someone yells out "Encore!" Then as they were getting ready for the encore I stood up and started cheering with the crowd. I put my hands on stage trying to touch John or George's feet. But my hands got stepped on by George. I sat back in my chair holding my hand in pain. Then all of a sudden everything went black. I would later learn that I had been knock unconscience by a screaming fan behind me and carried back stage by a stage hand.

Chapter 2.
When I woke up I could hear George say "Who brought that in here?" I looked up to see John and Paul standing over me. John blew a puff of smoke in my face I coughed and Paul took him away. Paul kneeled down to me.
"How are you?" He asked putting a hand on my forehead. I just sat there in awe.
Finally I said "Where's the other one?"
"Who?" George asked puzzled.
"Ringo" I said. Then the door opened and Ringo walked in holding two styrofoam cups of tea and handed me one.
My mouth dropped open. Paul closed it for me.
"Hey, Ring I think she likes you" John said sitting on the couch beside me.
"Oh? What's her name?" Ringo said and all eyes turned toward me.
"Ringa Starr" I said. Before John could get a comment out George Martin came in the room.
"We've got out of here before long," he said rushing around packing things up "and we've got to get you back home" he said pointing at me.
"No please!" I practically screamed suddenly awake. They all stared at me in shock.
"Don't send me back. I don't want to go back to that same house I've been in for 14 ghastly years!"I pleaded on my knees.
"Look here, do you want me to call security?" George Martin said pointing a finger at me.
"No" I said getting up looking at the floor ashamed of myself.
"Now, if you want Paul will take you to the car that's waiting downstairs" he said.
"No, I can walk" I said and sulked out of the room. I knew I'd be passing up the chance of a lifetime if I went home. So when I got to the car I handed the driver a wad of cash and told him to take my friend home and not say a word about me. Then I waited by the back door for the Beatles to come back.

***** It was about 12:00am when their driver came out and started loading bags into te car. I waited 'till the driver went back in for more bags. Then I unzipped Ringo's bag and crawled in ready for the long haul. A few minutes later the car started moving and we were off.

Chapter 3.
I guess I had fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes we had stopped and the trunk was opened a little. So I peeked out because no one else was in the car.
We were parked in front of a little airport restaurant. I didn't see any Beatles or George Martin so I decided to get out to stretch.
"Ahem" someone cleared his throat. I turned around startled to see John, Paul, Ringo, and George leaning against the car. I gave a little pitiful wave and shoved my hands in the pockets on my dress as far as they would go.
"What are we going to tell George when he comes out?" John said crossing his arms.
"Please, just let me get back in the bag I won't be any trouble at all" I pleaded.
They looked at each other. "Oh alright. But you'll have to stay in there 'till we land" John said finally.
"Oh thank you!" I jumped on him and hugged him.
"Here he comes!" Paul said.
I climbed back in the bag and Ringo closed the trunk. We must have driven to the loading zone because it wasn't long before we stopped. Lucky for me I had the good sense to get into Ringo's carry-on this time. It was eight hours before we had to change planes. Before we did George (Harrison) had enough compassion to sneak some food out to me in the bag. Then a few autographs later it was back on the plane and on to England.
When we finally landed the bag was taken to the car and piled in under the rest of the bags.

In the hotel room Ringo unzipped the bag and I rolled out onto the floor and stood up only to see George Martin standing there with his arms folded. I tried to get back in the bag. After it took too long I gave up and laid down on the floor with my arms in the air.
"Alright I give up. Just get it over with."
George Martin rolled his eyes "No, we're here now you've come this far. Might as well let you stay" he said.
"Thank you! Thank you! I promise I won't be any trouble I won't even eat" I jumped on him and hugged him.
"Yeah just like you didn't eat at the airport" George said from across the room.
"I count that as a peace treaty" I said sitting on the couch picking up a magazine.
"Peace treaty?" Paul asked.
"Yeah. George stepped on my fingers last night at the concert" I said glaring at George. George stuck his tounge out at me.
Later they were sitting around the room playing their guitars. Paul was standing near the door with his bass. John was sitting on one bed. Ringo was sitting on the other bed with George and I was in the middle of it all. Then Ringo stops and they all stop.
"I've got to go to bed" Paul says putting down his bass.
"Night guys" he says heading towards the door.
"Night Paul" they chorus.
Eventually it came down to me Ringo and John trying to decide who's room I should sleep in.
"Well..." John says.
"Give me a coin" I say holding out my hand to Ringo. He hands me a coin. I flip it.
"Call it, John" I say pointing at John.
"Heads" John says.
"Tails. Ringo" I say and pick up the coin. Ringo grabs my arm and leads me to the door.
"You sleep on the couch. You've caused enough troble I'm keeping my eye on you" Ringo says taking off his shoes. I lay down on the couch and am asleep instantly.
Chapter 4.
I woke up the next morning face down on the floor. Ringo was already up.
"We're going out for breakfast then straight to the studio so if you want to eat you'll come" Paul came in carrying his bass. Ringo groans but stands up.
"Oh, rough night 'eh Ring?" Paul says looking at me on the floor.
I giggle and Ringo glares.
I end up, after a long battle, having to wear Ringo's clothes because Pauls were too big and George's pants were too long. Ringo's really were too but not if I rolled up the legs.
Later in the studio.....
"Ok One...Two...Three" John starts playing the harmonica for I should've known better. Then they all stop all heads turn toward me and I realize I've been singing.
"Oh, sorry" I say embarassed. George Martin comes in over the loud speakers "If you're going to sing come up here with me. Otherwise behave!"
"Hey lay off her!" John yelled back.
George (Harrison) walks out and instantly everything falls apart.
"I'm sorry!" I yell but no one hears me. I decide to go outside with George. I find George outside smoking.
"Hey, I'm sorry I ruin everything" I say.
"It's ok," George says and puts his arm around me.
"I'd probably be the same way" he says.
"Really?" I say looking up at him.
"Sure, besides George Martin is just like that. He has good days and bad. Just like everybody else" he says throwing the cigarette on the ground.
"So, come on. They're probably waiting for us" he says leading me back in. Inside we find John and Ringo at each others throats.
"What are they goin' on about then?" George said to Paul.
"Ringo wouldn't give John a cigarette so John got mad and hit him. Then Ringo tried to hit him with a drumstick. Then this..."
Paul trails off waving his hand at them.
"Alright" I say getting up trying to take the pack away. John grabs them before me "John give me the cigarettes" I say holding out my hand.
"Never!" John says jumping onto a nearby piano bench. I pick up John's guitar almost knocked over by the weight and lift it over my head.
"I'll do it" I say threatining to break it.
"You wouldn't" John said narrowing his eyes. I lift the guitar up higher.
"Alright! Here here" John says thrusting the pack at me.
I count them "One.....six.....ten. Ten?" I say looking at Ringo.
"Here" I say dividing them into two piles. "Ringo gets five John gets four and Paul gets one" I say tossing one to Paul.
"What for?" George asks.
"Because it's harder to watch a fight than to be in one" I say. They look at each other for a while I think they're mad. Then they start to laugh. The rest of practice goes on with no harm done.
Chapter 5.
The next day they had a press conference. I had to stand behind them on the stage with George Martin and the bodyguards. I was amazed at the dumb questions they got like; "What do you use on your hair?"
Of course I had read these questions before in magazines. But they sound even more absurd in person.
The Beatles looked pretty bored up there. At one point John even said "You already asked us that, love."
After the conference we went back to the hotel to wait for the concert that night. At the stadium we had already appointed Ringo baby-sitter. So I had to wait in his room 'till he was ready.
"Wait here and don't move 'till I tell you" he had said.
"Alright" I said.
When he was out of sight I snuck out and found my way to the stage where John and Paul were setting up.
"Hey, you're not supposed to be here" Paul said when they saw me.
"I don't want to see Ringo get dressed" I said sitting down on an amplifier.
"Alright, guys sound check" George Martin came in over the loud speakers.
"What's she doing here?" he said. I stuck my tounge out at him.
"John," John didn't answer
"John" he said again. I looked over John was talking to one of the make-up girls.
"Hey John!" We all yelled.
"Hey what?!" John yelled back mocking us.
"Sound check" George Martin says again.
"Woah oh I-----Should've known better with a girl like you-" John sings.
"That's enough John. Where's George?" George Martin says to Paul.
"I don't know" Paul says looking up from tuning his bass.
"Well we can't finish without him" George says.
"Yes we can" I say hopefully looking at Paul.
"Yes we can" Paul says.
"Paul, how?" John says turning around. Paul points at me I wave at John.
Then George walks in "Where've you been?" George Martin says. I turn around and sulk back to the amplifier.
"Sorry" George says putting his guitar around his neck. "We're in the middle of a sound check." Paul and George walk over to the microphone. First Paul starts
"Testing testing two four six-"
Then George "Seven eight nine-"
Then they both chorus "Ten."
"That's quite enough of all that" George Martin says. "Now one last rehearsal from the top." I suddenly remembered how much trouble I got into last time at rehearsal. I wandered back to Ringo's room.
"Hey, love where've you been?" Ringo said when he saw me.
"On stage. They're waiting for you" I said guesturing toward stage.
Ringo walks out then pokes his head back in "After the concert we have to talk" then he walks back out for good. I sat down on the bed and listen to the pounding of bass and drums above me and fall asleep.
I wake up to the sound of screaming fans and music. It sounded so exciting and I tried to stay in the room but I was torturing myself so I went out. I got to stage and stood just behind the curtain. Just close enough to see John and Paul singing "She Loves You."
Mostly I could see Ringo playing drums and bobbing up and down. After the concert I went back to Ringo's room panting from running back before them. Then George Martin came in with the boys trailing behind.
"Alright, come on we've got to get out of here before they ambush us" he says handing bags to the driver. Ringo and John groan.
"Where to this time?" Paul says.
"First we're going to Liverpool we're staying there for three days. Then we're going to America. Will somebody get her out of here?" George Martin says pointing at me.
"Come on" Ringo takes my hand and leads me out.
"What was it you wanted to talk about?" I asked when Ringo put me in the car.
"We're sending you back to America" Ringo said and closed the car door.
Well those three days went by really fast and I was getting more and more anxious by the minute. Finally I was on a plane alone except for the cop they sent back with me. Just as we were about to Land I looked at my clothes. I was still wearing Ringo's shirt! How was going to explain this to my parents? Oh, well I'll just deal with that when I get there...