Chapter 5

Jareth's shoe-shining goblin, Remmie, ran into Jareth's throne room, his pink hair flying in long streaks behind him.
"Sire, they're headed for the castle!"
Jareth turned to him with a concerned look on his face.
"Who is?"
"The four you told to look for the crystal."
"Well," Jareth said putting his hands on his hips.
"Yes, sire." Remmie bowed and started out the door. He stopped and went back.
"Well what?"
Jareth stepped forward and bent down to the little trembling goblin.
"Well...GO KILL THEM!!"
Jareth stood as the little one ran out.

The four Beatles walked slowly toward the castle. They saw Remmie's pink hair running toward them with a spear. They stopped and stared, puzzled. When the goblin got to them he fell over backwards, panting.
"Um...Excuse me," Paul said bending down.
"I don't want to kill you," Remmie panted.
"Who said anything about killing us?" George helped the little creature up.
"I'm sorry, but Jareth said.... Wait a minute!"
Remmie fished in a little bag as the Beatles watched. He pulled out a golden crystal.
"This is what you've been looking for."
"You've had it the whole time?! No wonder we couldn't find it," Paul said, exhausted.
"I took it when I was mad at him, it's his most prized possesion. Now, who's the leader?"
"I am," John and Paul said stepping forward.
They looked at each other crossly.
"Well... I guess I'll give it to you. I like your nose," he said handing it to Ringo.
"Thank you," John said as they followed Remmie into the castle.
He led them into the throne room.
"Your majesty, they have the golden crystal."
"Jareth's eyes lit up as Ringo took the crystal to him.
"Where was it?!" Jareth tossed it up in the air happily.
"They found it in the woods."
"Fireies must have had it. Anyway, you may go now." Jareth turned away and waved a hand at them. John stepped forward.
"But you said you'd-"
"Oh that's right, you don't know how."
Jareth snapped his fingers and the Beatles found themselves back in their own house.
"Alright, that's it, no more going to Blackburn. Too many holes," Paul said.