Chapter 4

Jareth sat in his throne looking at the cieling.
"Sire, look!"
One of the goblins ran in holding one of the crystals. Jareth took it and saw Paul and Ringo wandering through the Labyrinth.
"More of them!" Jareth was more astonished than angry.
"Well, you did put out that sign," the goblin said.
Jareth threw the crystal, it bounced off the wall and hit the giblin knocking him over.
"Thank you, your majesty," the goblin said from the floor.
"How are the others doing?"
Jareth turned and walked out before he got an answer.

"Where are we? My feet hurt. I'm tired."
John followed George through the dark woods and complained endlessly for hours. George noticed it was starting to slow down.
"John, stop it!" George whirled around and yelled at John.
They continued walking again.
"Shh, George, listen." John put his hand on George's shoulder and they stopped to listen.
"Do you hear that?"
George and John followed the noise to a clearing in the trees where they saw four or five orange and white creatures snoring.
"What are they?"
John walked around them, George followed.
"This one's kinda looks like me," John said pointing to one that had purple streaks and a crazy smile.
"He does not," George said.
While they were looking at the sleeping creatures one of them jumped on George's back. George screamed, the creature screamed, John screamed and started to beat the creature. All the commotion woke the others up and they all jumped on John and George.

Paul and Ringo had been wandering the Labyrinth and now sat on a log in the woods. They heard someone scream in the distance.
"That sounds like George!"
Paul and Ringo got up and ran in the direction of the screams. When they came to the clearing they saw George and John beating a lot of furry creatures with sticks. All four ran away and climed up a tree.
They hugged.
"How did you get here? We fell in a wall hole," John said.
"We were worried so we went to look for you," Ringo said.
"Then we saw a hole in a wall with a sign beside it so we went in and here we are," Paul finished.
"What are you doing here?" Ringo asked.
"We met this guy, with a really gear jacket by the way, and--" John got cut off by Paul.
"Oh, what color was it?"
"Black. It had sparkles and-"
George cleared his throat at them.
"Can we continue Mr and Mrs. Fruity?"
John shot George a dirty look.
"Anyway, he told us to look for a golden crystal and then, and only then we could go home."
"He didn't say and only then," George said.
"I'm paraphrasing," John said.
"We've got seven hours," George said turning his attention back to Paul and Ringo.
"Well, come on then," Paul said getting out of the tree. The others followed.
"What's a golden crystal look like?" John followed closely behind Paul.
"Well, it's a crystal's"
George rolled his eyes at them.
"Hey look," Ringo said.
They looked and saw a castle far off in the distance.
"Maybe the crystal's in there," George said shrugging.
They looked at each other.
"Could be," Paul said.
They started in the direction of the castle.

Last chapter.