Chapter 3

Paul and Ringo sat on the couch looking at John's pit and George's bed. Ringo moaned pitifully, even Paul was starting to get worried. Ringo moaned again.
"When are they getting back?" Ringo chewed on a fingernail.
"I don't know. Why don't we go look for them?"
Paul and Ring got off the couch and drove to Blackburn.

Upon driving to Blackburn they noticed a strange, whirling hole. They got out and walked up to it.
"Look, it has a sign," Ringo observed.
Paul looked, the sign read:

Strange whirling hole, designed to attract unsuspecting young Beatles, Stones, and some certain members of the Who.

"Ringo, I--" Paul was about to warn Ringo about the dangers that may be lurking within but Ringo had already disappeared into the hole.
Paul sighed and walked in. Paul found himself standing in the Labyrinth. The whirling hole closed and disappeared. Paul and Ringo stood there looking at each other.

Don't you wanna know what happens next, love?