Dark Crystal Rock

Chapter 2.

Paul and Ringo sat in their living room. It was raining. Paul was reading a book and Ringo was pacing back and forth in front of a window, looking out occasionally. Paul looked up from his book.
"Ringo, will you stop worrying?"
Ringo moaned pitifully and returned to his pacing.
"They've never been out this late."
"Yes they have, ya sod! Remember last week, John stayed out all night, came in drunk, stumblin' around with some bird we had to throw out," Paul said looking up from his book.
"Well, why aren't you worried? It's your best friend out there you know." Ringo jerked Paul's book away and closed it.
"They just went to Blackburn, ya crawler." Paul grabbed the book away as Ringo returned to the window.

"George, are we lost?"
"No, we're not lost."
George, always the fearless leader when it comes to John, was leading John through the labyrinth.
"George, didn't we pass that wall about six times already?"
They stopped, George fell to his knees.
"Oh! We're lost. It's hopeless! Where are we?!"
John sat beside him on the ground. George looked up at him, angrily.
"And it's all your fault!"
"MY fault?!"
"Yes, your fault! If you hadn't been so quick to explore-"
"Well, if you hadn't gotten mad at me for no reason I wouldn't have even found this place!" John stood up and stomped off.
George looked around, it was dark. He watched John leave wondering if he had his glasses. As he was wondering he saw John run into a tree and fall to the ground. George rushed to him.
"John! John are you all right?!" George helped John up into a sitting position.
"Bloody 'ell where did that tree come from?!" John rubbed his head. George couldn't help but laugh.
"Oh you think this is funny do you?! Well, let's see how funny it is when it happens to you!" John stood up and tried to slam George into the tree but he ducked and John ended up hitting his head again.
This time John passed out.

John woke up to George violently shaking him. He hit George and rolled over.
"John, wake up!"
George punched John in the back. John sat up, turned to George an took a swing at him but missed. John rubbed his eyes and looked up to see Jareth standing over them.
"Don't you two have something you want to say to me?" Jareth crossed his arms and waited.
"Yeah, where'd you get that jacket?" JOhn pointed.
"Oh, do you like it?" Jareth straightened.
"Yeah it's gear."
George rolled his eyes and sighed.
"I made it actually. It's--No! What are you doing here?" Jareth returned to his previous more commanding state.
"Well...we just sort of....walked in," George said.
The two Beatles stood up. Jareth pointe a finger at them.
"You'll stand when you are told!"
They sat back on the ground. Jareth turned his back to them a few minutes.
"You can stand up now."
The Beatles stood.
"Look, we just wanna go home," John said stepping forward. Jareth turned around.
"So, you wanna go home do you?"
They nodded.
"Then go," Jareth said.
The two looked at each other, confused. John looked at Jareth;
"We don't know how."
"Oh you don't? Well, then I'll show you."
Jareth circled them.
"Alright, let's go." John started to run off, George caught him by his sleeve. Jareth watched them like a hawk, still circling.
"But first you must help me." Jareth stopped circling.
"What do we have to do?" George shifted uneasily.
Jareth held up a crystal which showed a golen crystal inside it.
"There is a golen crystal I have lost. It has something very important inside. You have 7 hours to find it." Jareth vanished.

Chapter 3.

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