Dark Crystal Rock

Chapter 1

"Ah! Blackburn!" John Lennon stretched his arms out and looked at the sky as he walked down the street with George Harrison.
"Get a grip, John. It's not that great. It's Blackburn," George said kicking a rock.
"George, I can't help it. Haven't you ever noticed how beautiful everything is?"
George rolled his eyes. John had just met some Jap named Yoko.
"Get off it, John you know you'll be over her by next week." They turned a corner and John put his arm around George's shoulders.
"No, George I'm a changed man, George. 'Cause, George you know, George-"
"Yes, George?" JOhn looked at him and sniffed.
"Stop saying my name!" George sped up and threw John's arm off his shoulder. John stopped walking and looked sadly at George walking away. John kicked a rock against a wall and smiled when it bounced off. John started to play "rock football"("rock soccer" for the rest of us) following it down the sidewalk. John gave it a big kick as hard as he could. The rock hurled toward a building and suddenly dissappeared. John's eyes got wide.
Down the road, George was starting to worry about John he decided to go back and apologize if he could find him.
"Hey, George,look what I found," a nasal voice said as a hand pulled George inside through a wall.
"What the bloody-" George screamed at whoever the hand belonged to. He stood up, turned around and saw John standing there laughing so hard he couldn't breath.
"John! What the bloody 'ell do you think you're doing!?" George took a swing at John, missing and falling to the ground. After they both calmed down (well as much as John can calm down,it is John you know), George stood up and looked around.
"Where are we?"
"I don't know, George. Lets go explore, George." With that John was off into a dusty miserable rock-filled place with scattered bushes. George had never seen anything like it. John had taken off running so George couldn't see him but he could hear him say things occasionally like "Oooh! What's that!" George started walking in the direction John ran off in.

Jareth walked down the hallway toward the room he had been hearing incessant laughing in. As he got closer he saw a group of goblins crowded around something on the floor, laughing.
"What is it?"
The goblins parted when they heard the demand from their king. Jareth saw they had been laughing at a crystal hovering just above the ground. He picked it up and saw John and George wandering around in the labyrinth. John seemed too excited and would try to run off into the bushes if George let him. Jareth couldn't help but smile at the thought of torturing the unsuspecting guitar players. Jareth threw the crystal back to the goblins.
"Who are they and what are they doing in my labyrinth?"
The goblins shrugged helplessly. Jareth rolled his eyes and walked out.

Chapter 2.

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