Here Comes The Sun

The Beatles were sitting at home one day in 1968. John and George on the floor playing cards, and Paul and Ringo watching TV on the couch. "We inerrupt this program for a weather update-" a news announcer came on the TV. "Bloody weather" Paul said turning the TV off. Then suddenly the lights went out. "Hey what-" George said. Paul went over to the window and looked out. There was a blizzard outside blocking the door so they couldn't get out. Ringo tried to open the door but the snow was pushing it back. "Well, we're stuck here" Paul said sitting back down on the couch. "I'll go get the candle's out of the basement" Ringo said picking up a flashlight.
A few minutes later they heard a crash like something falling down the stairs. "Ringo?" Paul said looking at George. George looked at John. They all got up and made their way to the basement door. They saw Ringo laying at the bottom of the stairs unconscience with the flashlight thrown to his side. "Ringo!" George cried pushing past Paul and John, and running down the stairs. John and Paul followed. They picked Ringo up and carried him to the living room. Ringo had a cut on his head. George looked over to the window. It was getting darker "I'm going down to get the candels" George said. "I'm going with you" Paul said getting up to follow him. John put a bandage on Ringo's head "Don't leave, Ring" John said getting anxious. A few minutes later George and Paul came back up with all the candels they could find. "Ok, now matches" Paul said after they had set them on the table. "I've got a lighter" John said pulling one out of Ringo's pocket. They decided to light one candel at a time so they wouldn't run out. "Is Ringo awake yet?" George asked getting worried. "No. Why does all the bad stuff happen to Ringo?" John said walking over to him. "Are the phones out?" Paul said. George picked up the phone "Yeah" he said as he hung it back up. "Help!" Ringo suddenly sat up and yelled. "Ring!" they all chorused running over to him. "Ring, does anythin' hurt?" Paul said. "No. I think I sprained me ankle though" Ringo said rubbing his ankle. "You cut your head" John said patting his head gently.
Later that night they were all asleep on the floor except Ringo who was on the couch. "John?" Ringo said sitting up. "Yeah, Ring?" John said still trying to go to sleep. "Do you think Paul will roll into the coffee table tonight and knock over the candle's and we'll all die" Ringo said. "No, Ring" John said. Ringo laid back down and went to sleep. John opened his eyes and blew out the candle's just to be safe.
The next morning George woke up before any of the others. When Paul woke up he found George writing something on a notepad, holding his guitar. Paul went into the kitchen and decided to make tea. Then he remembered the power was off. So he decided just to get dressed. By the afternoon John and George had also tried to make tea with no avail. "You know, this is probably all your fault, Paul" John said sulking on the couch. "What did I do?" Paul said helplessly. "You know you want to make us break up" John said. "What?" Paul said. "You made it snow. So we would go crazy and break up the band" John said turning away from Paul. Pretty soon John and Paul had an all-out war going. Then suddenly they heard guitar music. They turned around and found George sitting in the living room floor singing a song they hand never heard before. Paul figured it was the song he had been writing. "What do you call that?" John asked George.26 "Here Comes The Sun...." George started to sing. Then the sun came out. Paul looked out the window. The snow was melting away. Ringo tried the door and it opened. The TV came back on and they realized the power had been on all morning. "Ringo, did you know about this?" Paul said. "Oh, yeah it came back last night" Ringo said. They all threw their pillows at Ringo.
THE END(It's Alright).