~~Only You Tonight~~

David Bowie was slightly ashamed of what he was about to do as he walked down the long hall of the hotel toward Rolling Stone Ron Wood's room. He turned the doorknob slowly taking a deep breath as he pushed it open. Inside he found Ron smiling with candles lit around the room. Now David felt as if he had to do it. Even though he had considered telling him no before. Ron seemed openly eager as he walked across the room and sat on the bed. David took another breath, trying not to seem too shy or unwilling, as he walked toward Ron. David sat on the bed and turned to Ron.
"You know I'm not going to force you. You can leave if you want," Ron said as he kissed David.
David put his hand behind Ron's head, making the kiss deeper. Ron unbuttoned David's pants and leaned closer. David forced Ron's hand down his pants as he unbuttoned Ron's.
David sat up into a crawling position over Ron. He jerked Ron's pants down over his hips. Ron moaned as David put Ron's bulge in his mouth. Ron put his hand on David's head, holding him there. David sucked as Ron became wetter. David sat up again and threw Ron onto his stomach. He forced his penis into Ron's ass making Ron scream in ecstasy. Ron held onto the bed as David banged in and out as hard as he could. David took it out and threw Ron onto his back again. He forced his penis into Ron's mouth. He could feel it all the way in the back of his throat. Ron sucked hard trying to keep from disappointing him.
David screamed as he filled Ron's mouth in orgasim. David got off Ron, who threw up immediately. David stood up, put his clothes on and left without saying anything to Ron.

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