4000 Holes

John Paul Ringo and George were walking down a street in Blackburn, Lancashire one day when JOhn, Paul, and George heard a scream. "Aggggh!" They turned around Ringo was gone! "Where's Ringo?" Paul asked looking at John. "He must've fallen down one of the four-thousand holes!" John said suddenly paniced. "Hello!" They heard Ringo call from a hole. "Hello, Ringo, is that you?!" George called down the hole. "Yes. Could somebody get me out of here, please?!" Ringo called worriedly. "We can't go down there" Paul said looking at John. "We have to it's Ringo!" George insisted. "We'll try, Ring!" John yelled back to Ringo. They stood up, John faced Paul and George "Well, who's going to get Ringo?" John said. Paul and George exchanged looks. Finally George said "I will." "Alright, Paul you go get a rope" John said. "From where?" Paul said confused. "From the rope store" John said giving him a 'where else' look. A few minutes later Paul came back with a rope. "Alright, George ready?" John said handing George the rope. "Yeah" George said reluctantly tying the rope around his waist. "Ok, Ring we're going to lower George down!" John yelled down the hole. There was no answer. "Ring?!" John yelled again. No answer. "Ringo?!" George yelled. "Oh, yeah!?" Ringo finally yelled. "God, Ringo answer us when we yell down at you!" John yelled. "Sorry, must've tuned you out there" Ringo yelled. John rolled his eyes. "What'd you say?" Ringo asked. "I said we're going to lower George down there" John yelled again. "No, no after that. When you said 'God'!" Ringo said. "Y'know we have a good mind to leave you down there!" John yelled even louder than before. "John, John calm down. Just let George go down" Paul said helping John up. "Alright, George come on" John said. They lowered George down the hole. "Ringo?" George said stepping to where Ringo was. They were in the center of the earth! "Come on, Ringo" George said. They started back toward the rope. Then flames burnt the rope. The ground started shaking then it crumbled beneath them. Ringo woke up "Ah!" he yelled. "Ringo, you just had a bad dream that's all" John said standing beside his bed. "Oh" Ringo said. "Just go back to sleep" John said walking back towards the door. "Ok. Good night, John" Ringo said laying back down. "Night, Ring" John said closing the bedroom door. THE END (OH BOY!).

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