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Basketball Basics

Alright people, this is just for people how don't know much about basketball and maybe want to start.  Ok off you go, always bring a baseball bat.  Yes a baseball bat

Basketball is a great game, just remember to USE the BAT

Well it doesn't hurt to be in shape, heh :-)  Have to have good endurance and shit, if you get tired fast and easy that mean you not in good shape and will not do well in the game...but hell thats a good reason to play basketball, to get in shape... If you really play a game and not just shoot around, stretch your legs and arms a bit...your legs most importantly.  Or just SWING your BAT around
-If you a big guy, you most of the time when defend against another big dude so keep them in front of you, take whatever advantages you know...when they got the ball, get in front of them and close them up, don't let them go around you and try to poke the ball away from him.  Most of the time, big guys will turn his back on you cuz they want to back you down instead of step up and shoot the ball.  But everyone is different so play as how the games goes. Just remember USE your BAT
-If you are small, you will most likely guarding a point guard or shooter.  If you are guarding a point guard or shooter you need lot of energy cuz they be running around, DUH.   Put your hand in front of his face, try to block his vision to pass much as possible.  Move your LEGS.  Move the player you are guarding start to move, don't try to stop them with your arms, move your legs while keeping your defending position...then use your arms try to steal the ball only if you saw an opening for it.  Shooters always running the court try to get open.  You need to run with them.  Each plays different so learn from them and figure at good way to distract his shoot.
-when you see someone is setting a screen against your teammate called PICK to them so they don't get an unexpected hit.
Kick them in the balls also works quite well
-Rebounds.  Size and heights pay off here.  Big guys just block out your opponent away from the board with your back and should get easy rebounds...use your muscles here.  Small guys just hope the ball comes to you, and jump in if you can avoid being block out and fight for the ball.  Pull your oppoenents' shorts down it works sometimes

Get the ball down the hole, all you got to do.
Yes it is that easy! Hit anyone thats is in your way with the bat, and Yes, even your teamate
Thats is some basics in basketball...if you know anything thats worth mentioning thats not there, email me or sometten.  If you still suck at playing after you read this, thats cuz you need to play MORE, always play hard. If you don't like that - go play golf!   If you know me in RL then email me or sometten :-) Suckers.

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