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 If you are looking for a used car, racecars, or just a lover of classic/vintage cars; you've stumbled across the right page!

We are "Sander's Used Cars" & "Old South Salvage Yard", from beautiful Elko, South Carolina.

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines!

 These two beauties are ripe for the picking.

Email me! (contact info at bottom of page)

1948 Fleet Liner

Solid body, No rust, All new tires/interior/front end.


67 F-250 390 4 spd w/1 Ton Towing Package 

Also for your purchasing pleasure:

Are you looking for bigblocks?  We have 428's, 429's, and 460's!

  Email for details.

Please visit our top virtual showrooms.


1968 Firebird

58Apache Pick-up   1994 Crescent Racecar Trailer    
1950 Dodge   1963 Ford F-100    
38 Dodge Coupe  

1995 Mustang Convertible

64 Fairlane   John Deere 5210    
63 Falcon   1994 F-150 XLT    
51 Studebaker  

1978 350 Blazer 


Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Step right up and be amazed!

Over 6,000 Automobiles! Over 64 Acres!

Journey into our Cyber Salvage yard of Auto history...