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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of The Atrophied Youth

Well, you've stumbled into the world of the Atrophied Youth, or wasted youth, it's a pretty broad term, including just about our entire generation. But why should we dwell on something that no one is going to do anything about? I'm just beginning to rebuild my webpage, which I spent 3 years working on, only to have it shut down, now I have nothing left of it, so this is a new one, I hope you enjoy it. Anyway, here's a little about myself, if you don't already know. I'm 18, born and raised in the evil little town of Wilmington North Carolina... I want to move to Atlanta Georgia, I love it there. Anyway, I graduated in May 2003 and I hope to start college soon. And to everyone who hasn't graduated yet, good luck! Anyway, I had a job, but due to physical limitions, i had to quit, which sucks, cause i loved my job....But, for those of you who don't know, i'm a huge Queen fan.... I LOVE YOU FREDDIE!!!... I'm also a writer and an actress, the few things that help me keep my sanity I take very seriously. I love classic cars, and i'd like to build my own car someday... anyway, enough about me.... it's time for shout outs... first, to everyone I forget to mention, I love you all! So... Elysia, Justin, Madison, Noel, Lovie, Ryan, Brandon, Chris, Tanisha, Shawn, Billy, Scooter, Garth, Seanda (hope i spelled it right), Malorie, and everyone else i met in Alabama, you guys kick ass and you helped me to have the most fun i've had in years.... and my brothers Craig and Bryan..... HI!!!!!!!!!!! OK, well thats about it.... check out my pics page i've just updated it, and added alot of keep checking for updates

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