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Wassup wassup?  been stressin lately so havent got the site done
schools out and gotta go to summer school thats y i be stressin sometimes
kick  back  and  relax...sound good...but gotta do my homework and make this site
so there is absolutely no time to kickback, relaxs, or chill in the room ad thats whats going
on rite now..i've just moved to GlenDale*HOME-
of THE ASIANS  and  i've  updated  my info so that you now will
know what/how i look again...and i've been deleting and adding pictures
well  everything  else  will  try  to  be  updated   but  it
will   take   a  little  time   considering   that   my   other
computer  is  down..always Fuckin Laggin and pauseing so just chill for now...thank you