a little bit about amy...

i am amy...wow... betcha wouldnt have guessed that one. i'm a 20 year old female from north Louisiana who's hopelessly devoted to Dustin. i don't go to school right now and no, i don't work either... that's what my sugar daddies are for...duh

to describe me: ~`caring`~ ~`devoted`~ ~`sensitive`~ ~`honest`~ ~`independent`~ ~`secretive`~ ~`mischievous`~ ~`fun-loving`~ ~`serious`~ ~`deep`~ ~`shallow`~ ~`fiesty`~ ~`sassy`~

love: }music{ }dancing{ }sex{ }men{ }margaritas{ }movies{ }sex{ }dr.pecker{ }new people{ }my privacy{

blah: *feet* *bad teeth* *ticklers* *nosy people* *drama* *pickles* *midgets*

Dubble A Muzick

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