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Satanism 101 Quiz- Am I A Credible Satanist?

1) Who Is The Authority of What Defines Satanism/Satanic Beliefs?
a) Christian Religion And Various Religious Representitives.
b) Hollywood Movies & Media, Because They Get Their Story Lines From Real Life Events.
c) Anton LaVey.
d) Satan Of Course,Who Else?
e) The Majority Of Satanists Who Frequent (Message Boards And E-Lists), Because Who Would Know Better?

2) What Set Of Key Phrases Below Best Represent Satanic Statements?
a) Responsibility To The Responsible,Undefiled Wisdom,Vital Existence,Indulgence.
b) Take Rather Then Earn,Destroy Rather Then Create,Do Whatever I Want Without Any Restrictions.
c) Dress In Black, Sacrifice Animals & People In Rituals,Wear Satanic Trinkets,Get A Satanic Tattoo.
d) Worship Satan Above All Things And People.
e) Hate Rather Than Love,Show No Compassion To Anyone,Engaging In Sexual Orgies Is Mandatory.

3) What Are Satanic Magick Rituals About?
a) Sacrificing Animals And Virgins For Their Blood To Drink To Become More Powerful.
b) Only One True Purpose, To Talk To Satan And Do Satan's Bidding.
c) To Empower Oneself,Cleanse Oneself,Destroy Enemies Or Attain Desires.
d) To Make Alliances With Demons So In The Afterlife I Will Have Connections.
e) None Of These Answers,It's A Secret, You Can't Know.

4) Who Wrote The Satanic Bible And Spread It's Message?
a) Satan Of Course, Satan Got The Antichrist To Spread The Message.
b) Aleister Crowley.
c) Friederick Nietsche.
d) Anton LaVey.
e) Ranger Redbeard.

5) Why Was Satanism Created, To Begin With?
a) To Destroy Christianity Amongst Other Religions.
b) To Create a Satanic Army For The Upcoming Battle Between Good And Evil.
c) To Offshoot Mankind's Creation Of Spiritual Pipedreams By Embracing Knowledge And Logical Reasoning.
d) Satan Wanted His Due And Chance To Rebut All The Accusations Associated With His Name Over The Centuries.
e) Just To Create Havoc And Destruction And Keep Evil Alive And Well.

6) What Year Was Satanism Born?
a) 2000+ Years Ago
b) 1939
c) 1969
d) 1966
e) 1956

7) Are Satanist's Aligned With Other Secret Societies?
a) No, It Is All A Myth.
b) Yes, The Illuminati.
c) Yes, The Skull & Bones.
d) Yes, The Free Masons.
e) Yes, To B & C.

8) What Does The 'Eighth Enochian Key' Refer To?
a) The Emergence Of The Satanic Age.
b) To Invoke Lust,Pay Homage To Glamour And Rejoice In Pleasures Of The Flesh.
c) The Cycling Ages Of Time.
d) To Enlighten The Benumbed And Destroy Through Revelation.
e) The Emergence Of The Antichrist.

9) What Is The Official Number Of Satan And It's Definition?
a) 666...Number Of The Beast.
b) 999... (Reverse 6's)Representing Immortality.
c) 969... (Reverse 6 X 2 With 6 In The Middle),Representing The Antichrist To Left,Satan In Middle,Satan's Advocate On Right.
d) 9... The Number Of Ego,For It Always Returns To Itself.
e) 96... Antichrist To The Left,Then Satan.

10)What Is The Highest Law To Acknowledge Within Satanic Statements?
a) Self Preservation
b) Loyalty
c) Worship Satan
d) Secrecy
e) Comittment To A New World Order.

11)What Are The 'Three' Main Types Of Rituals That Represent Satanism?
a) Greed,Destruction,Compassion.
b) Invoking Satan,Greed,Destruction.
c) Greed,Power,Destruction
d) Greed,Destruction,Demon Calling.
e) Lust,Compassion,Destruction.

12)What Day Is Considered The 'Most' Satanic To A Satanist Above All Other Days?
a) Halloween
b) Walpurgisnacht
c) Solstice
d) Equinox
e) Your Birthday

13)Is There Such A Thing As Satanic Sex?
a) Yes, Doing It Doggie Style Because It is Considered Sodomy Within Religion.
b) Satanic Sex Is Only Valid When Orgies Occur.
c) Satanic Sex Requires Only Three People.
d) Satanic Sex Is Masturbation Because It Is Considered A Sin.
e) Satanic Sex, Doesn't Exist, No Different Than Just Plain Sex.

14)What Is The 'Official' symbol Of Satanism As A Representation?
a) Inverted Pentagram
b) Inverted Cross
c) Baphomet
d) Inverted Pentagram With Lightening Bolts
e) Inverted Pentagram With 666 Within.

15)How Many Rituals Must A Satanist Practice To Be Considered A Bonafide Satanist?
a) However Many Times You Desire.
b) One Per Day.
c) One In The Morning, One Before Bed.
d) Only At Midnight.
e) Only During A Full Moon Or Satanic Holiday

16)Do I Need To Join A Satanic Organization Or Group To Be A Satanist?
a) No, You Don't. Satanism Is A Way Of Living Life.
b) It Depends On Your Comprehension,You Might Need Guidance To Reach Your Full Potential In Knowledge Of Satanism.
c) Absolutely, Without Joining, You Will Never Know The True Secrets Of Satanism.
d) Only If You're Under 18 Years Of Age.
e) Only If You're Female.

17)Can I Be A Satanist If I Wasn't Born A Satanist?
a) No, A Satanist Is Born One, Through A Satanic Bloodline.
b) Yes, But Only Individuals Who Are Born Under A Satanic Holiday.
c) Yes, But It Takes 12 Weeks Training By An Acredited Satanist,Before You Can Declare Yourself A Bonafide Satanist.
d) Yes, If You Naturally Agree With Satanic Statements And Not Adopting Them For Miscellanous Purposes.
e) No, Only Satan Chooses Who Becomes A Satanist.

18)If I Join A Satanic Order,What Satanic Order Is The Best To Join?
a) Whatever Order Offers You, What You Feel Is Most Beneficial To Your Wants And Needs After Researching All Orders.
b) The First One You Come Across,Because They Are All Credible And Legit.
c) The First Order That Promises You The Secrets Of Satanism If You Join.
d) Type Satanism On The Search Engine And Satan Will Guide You Subconsciously.
e) Any Order That Has The Word "Church" In It, Because Satan Enjoys Oxymoron Phrases. ;)

19)Is Satan And Lucifer The Same 'Being' Just With Different Names?
a) Yes, Of Course.
b) No, They Are Separate Entities Or Myths.
c) Yes & No...Yes The Name Is For The Same Entity, But No Because It Was Reborn At Two Different Time Periods.
d) No, They Were Brothers.
e) No, They Were Father And Son.

20)How Many Different Types Of Satanism Are There?
a) Only 1 Credible Type,Just Mixed With Assorted Practices.
b) 5 Different Types That Differentiate Satanists.
c) 10 Different Types That Differentiate Satanists.
d) 2 Different Types That Differentiate Satanists.
e) Satanism Has Too Many Factions With Different Labels To Count.

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