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A little bored. If I don't blog every fricking day, I'm not dead. Just out. Enjoy layout #50. Beg me to come back. Haha jk. I love you.

:P x 2!

July 3, 2002
[02:27PM] AHHHHH, I'M SUPPOSED TO GO SEE MEN IN BLACK II TONIGHT! Jeanne says she might bring Ruby, and she can meet two of my crush options! Wahahaha! Oops, gtg.

[LATER] Current profile:


Hmm, what happened last night. Well, the people sitting in front of us definitely turned around and stared at me when I started singing along with Frank in the car... You know, the I just walked in and saw that sad look upon your face. Ahh. During the last part, when Will Smith and that girl [forgot her name], I was like...


Then she started looking at Tommy Lee Jones all funny, and I was like...


And then this lady in a wheelchair ran over my toe in platform sandals. I was hopping around yelping afterwards.

And then Daniel Hill and Omar ran off because they didn't want to give me a ride.

Daniel Hill and Omar: *scurry off as fast as their legs can carry them*

Speaking of which, we didn't even really end up sitting next to the guys, since they decided to sit in the very front. I went up to mooch nachos off Omar, and the guys started grabbing my arms so I wouldn't leave! Hahaha but I couldn't leave Amanda, otherwise I probably would've stayed. Amanda will probably never want to sit next to me again at a movie. I am so terribly obnoxious during movies, and so loud. I swear I embarrassed sweet, even-tempered Amanda.

I'm going to kill Daniel Hill anyways. WATCH OUT HONEY! And no, Ruby and Jeanne couldn't come after all. Oh well. I ended up getting a ride with Amanda's parents. Felt sort of bad. Will kill Daniel Hill.

:P x 3!

July 2, 2002
[11:28AM] OMG! Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3? Except Zhao Wei and Su You Peng and Lin Xin Ru [Vicki Zhao, Alec Su, Ruby Lin] aren't going to be in it? What is that supposed to be? That's totally and completely wrong. Xiao Yan Zi just isn't Xiao Yan Zi when it's not Zhao Wei... ;P

What's funny is that my mother asked me last night if the guy was Lisa's boyfriend. I hesitated to tell her there was actually two guys, otherwise she'd be like, what you have a boyfriend now too? ;_; My Chinese mother. Jump to conclusions now, why don't you?

I have such a potty mouth now. I'm always saying what the hell, dayam, shit, fuck, all those fun cuss words. Haha I remember when I was in eighth grade and I used to beat up everyone and anyone who cussed. Eek. What happened.

[08:58PM] I went to a Laboratory Safety seminar this afternoon. Three hours of Powerpoint lecture [fell asleep and Amanda was like, you fell asleep and I didn't know what to do!], and we were supposed to have a quiz at the end... EXCEPT THEY FORGET THE TEST SHEETS SO THEY JUST LET US "PASS" WITHOUT EVER TAKING IT! HAHAHA! HOT DAYAM!

If I've counted correctly, next layout should be numero cincuento.

Oh baby Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa oh baby.

:P x 3!

June 30, 2002
[03:53PM] I know I haven't blogged in like a week. Honestly, I have less time now than I do during school. I'm kind of unsure as to what I need from this site. It's going to change. I was considering leaving the site behind, but I've decided I need it so I'll keep it around.

More later. I'm really tired, but I had a great time at Six Flags yesterday. And I love Omar and Daniel Hill. By the way, the lyrics are from She Loves Me Not by Papa Roach. Good song. Borrowed the CD from Daniel Hill, but I haven't listened to it yet.

[10:01PM] Hahaha, so Lisa, Daniel Hill, and Omar dropped by my house, and Omar drove us to Rockville Pike and back. Uhh. Hahaha, Omar missed Rockville Pike and had to turn back, then he missed it again! Dayam. Guys have no sense of direction. Then of course, he missed the turn to my house.

Meanwhile, Jenn's dad is like, who the hell are those two guys. Dayam, I love those two.

[10:38PM] I like Eminem. Haha. [Besides, he is very cute.]

[10:55PM] I have a mosquito bite on my face, dayam.

:P x 3!

June 25, 2002
[10:24PM] Heh. XXX is just the place for controversy. I never knew I was a "stuck up lil bitch." [Maybe I like being one, SO THERE!]

Work is going well. I had to pipet buffer solution with proteinase K into 56 little tubes of mouse tails. Oh geez. [Speaking of which, the college dude that works in the same lab informs me that geez means piss in Farsi/I don't know how to spell it... I'm dumb.] Little pieces of mouse tail, how gruesome...

Kim and Christin's new layouts are perfectly lovely. You guys need to post or something at Op.T, I'm starting to think everyone's dead or something.

Shinhwa's Perfect Man in Chinese is HEHEHE! We are so doing that song for next year's Magnet Arts Night... Hahaha, it sounds so silly in Chinese, hahahaha.

David Kim: u publicize ur crush list?

Yes I do.

Okay, I'll make a new layout and remember to put my cliques page up, hah.

:P x 9!

June 24, 2002
[02:55PM] Wow. Just played my first [short] game of Truth or DDR with Daniel Tsui poo brain. Somehow I still like my question better than his:

Jenn's Q: If you were in a beehive [a big beehive], and you had nothing but a spatula in your hand, what would you do?

Daniel Tsui's Q: If you were being chased by a mad gorilla on the highway, wearing Britney Spears's underwear and Mike Li's thong, what would you do?

Okay, I guess they're equally bad. Now, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

[For my answer, click on the comments... Hahaha yes, my answer is that sacred.]

Goodness, I've taken to blogging at work. Heh heh.

[04:46PM] Isn't it interesting that new folks are getting into kpop now as well? Well, I'm joining Sungaholics now too, hahaha. Jun Jin and Dong Wan might be my favorite members of Shinhwa, but Hye Sung is the spiffilidicious also. [Why does he look so frail these days, more so than ever? But Dong Wan, that hot diggity scrumpdiddlyumptious, yum yum yum... AHH!!!] Heck, I have no problems with kpop addicts [although I hope it doesn't become a sickening trend ;_;], but NO ONE GETS JAE WON BUT MEEEHHH! I get dibs on Fany and Brian too.

That's it. I'm making a Fly to the Sky fansite. Uhh... Anyone care to host it? Heh heh... ;_;


ALL RIGHT, THAT'S IT. I'M BUSTING MY MOVES AND MAKING A HOT KPOP LAYOUT. [That's hot as in hot, and not hot as in HOT... Heh.] Actually, I should get my groove on and make some more wallpapers for Op.T. And, I should update the other neglected sites: I still love you and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with you.


[05:05PM] My guestbook, I've given up on it. I think it's dead. Nooo, Dong Wan is gone. Gone gone gone. Dayam HostRocket. All those entries are gone gone gone...

[Actually, Dong Wan's still here.]

[10:12PM] Well, thanks to THE GREAT HAU, my guestbook is alive again. Missing like forty entries though. Hmm. I GUESS YOU LOVELY GUESTS WILL JUST HAVE TO FILL 'ER UP AGAIN ;P!

I made some [ugly] Fany wallpaper. [Evil direct link ;_;] Use at your own discretion [Fany may be hot, but my wallpapering skills are not. RHYME!]

:P x 4!