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Friday, July 5, 2002

Hey dears, how are you on this beautiful day? Well. It passed by so quickly again! That is incredible! I just got up, watched TV until about 3pm, ate, lay around, ate and finally went online!! I am SO proud of myself, I got a layout for heartmess!!! It is so cool!! But I'm sure it's going to take YEARS to load, because it's bmp's, and that's my main problem with adobe-potoshop tryout version! I know, I told you about 100 times now, but it is so complicating! I can only take these fucki*' screenshots of everything, then I got to paste it somewhere and Ican only take paint, and everything you save there gets a very big format-file, you know, and if I save it as .jpg it gets a POOR quality, and before I take that, I take the BIG pics. I know that's no resolution!! But soon, soon, HOPEFULLY, I'll get a licensed version os aps. Hopefully. It is soooo expensive, how could you buy it, guys? I wish I had the money!
Okay, talking about something else. I thought a lot about my 'friends' and came to the resolution that I miss my old life. I mean, my old school, friends and just everything. It sounds crazy. But I can't deal with this teeny-life. I think I'm one of these people who want to stay 7 years old for life! I mean, I just don't like parties, but if I don't go there with my friends I'll soon be an outsider, you know. Okay, it's not like I wouldn't have friends if I wouldn't go with them .. actually, I rarely go with them and they still like me, it's just shit to say no all the time ... ahw, I'm talking stupid stuff again, I should stop that. I know they like me weather I go with them or not.
Wow, I'm totally back in my Tori-cycle. I thought I'd be in my Alanis-one again, but I'm not. I downloaded so many songs now, I have already 5 CD's full of live-versions! And I haven't still finished, it's about 5 more CD's to burn, but at first I got to buy new CD's, and I don't want to do that before my hallstatt-week.
I don't have school since exactly one week now. Still 2 full months of being at home, cool, isn't it! :)
By the way, I have added some pictures of me as little girl at the Nina section, have fun ;) . These were taken by a professional photographer. My mommy was working there. This artist has also taken photos of Bryan Adams and Prince ... so, WOW! ;).
By the way (the second), please, please go to, you can now send feedback to the site, and they have some AWESOME ideas to add to the site, like an alanis-webcam, e-mail adress and webspace for people at ! Isn't that extremely awesome? Yes it is, so go there and give FEEDBACK! ;) [more]

Posted by nina @ 07:48 PM CST
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Thursday, July 4, 2002

Oh wow, I didn't expect ANYthing of today. I didn't even want to blog another entry, I'm sooo sorry that I now blog again!! SORRY!! But I just feel like writing!!!!!
I just met Kathi, she phoned me because she was somewhere around my home, and wanted to go shopping, and I said okay. So, we went to a drumshop because she needed sticks and something else. And then we went to an art shop and bought some sheets of paper and pencils, after that we went to a bank and wanted to pick up a book that hasn't arrived yet. Kathi told me so much of this party I didn't go to last Friday. This strange guy 'Bobschi' has a crush on Kristin, and Kristin has a crush on bobschi, I think that's so funny, I didn't expect that. So, that was the main topic we were taling about. KAthi wanted me to come to another Pary today, and I said no again. How often did I say no now? I don't know! I just CAN'T stand them, I can't stand drinking alcohole and sitting around with some drunk gys, you know. Thx.
So, I phoned Jeannine and she told me I could come to 'neunkirchen' after I've been to Hallstatt, I'm sooo looking forward to see her!
I downloaded lots of b-sides, and found a Tori site that has a million mp3's to download. I decided to download all of them, burn cd's and then delete them again ,because these need so much of space!! Yippie! If you like Tori, you just HAVE to download live - songs, these stories she's telling all the time are soooo funny!!!! I'm listening to icicle all the time!! She's telling so much before this song, and it's soooo funny. At first she's saying: 'Thx guys, Okay, so, anyway, how are you? Thank you so much, that's really sweet, I'm gonna' come 'n' get it, because I could use them ...", and she stands up and then she's saying something that you can't really understand, but it's like " AHHHWWWW, they are soooo sweet!!!". What the hell did she get? And then she's saying so much about your granny, the best thing is: "Some of you, uhm, I think some of you know my grandmother was a real like ... Pffff pfff pffffffff! YEAH".
It's so awesome!!! Please, go here!!! It is just AWESOME!!!!!
And I was kinda' surprised of myself today. I can't create layouts but wallpapers get so pretty tofay, just don't aks me why. I created one and totally fell in love with it!! Will be soon on heartmess!!!!

'You might be little but come on ... it doesn't matter!!!' [more]

Posted by nina @ 05:39 PM CST
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Hello, I won't blog a lot today. Just want to say that Des has her new version up, and I'm sorry for the delay!!!! It is really cool!
And there's also an new layout on penny lane, that is awesome!!
And Shiricki should return from disneyland today! Welcome back!!!!
Christie has a new very cool haircut!! ;)
I downloaded some Tori songs, finally, b-sides!!
And I did some online tests today, scroll down, amd I'll crawl back into my bed, because it's so rainy and dark outside and I'm finally alone at home for 4 days!

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uhm, okay?!

Posted by nina @ 11:32 AM CST
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Wednesday, July 3, 2002

hello, ANOTHER entry today, because I'm bored right now. I have worked on a new layout for heartmess, which I'll probably take. It is such a simple layout, I'm not sure if I like it or not. But before I get this online I need to do so much more of art and stuff like that, and I'm defenitley looking forward to do that!
Well, and because I finally looked for this picture. I found something really, really funny (well, I think it's funny, so it doesn't mean you think it's funny), I only told Jeannine about it, because then I forgot.
Okay. I'm sure all of you know Enya. She's okay, I don't listen to her music, but she's okay. She had that video of 'may it be', remember? And then there's Tori, you all know if you know me. She had this video called 'strange little girl', well, and these videos look so amazingly similar, that it can't be coincidence, you know. I thought Tori was making fun of her, but 'strange little girl' released so much earlier than 'may it be' (I think ;). So, I got these pics, get your own image of it!

first there's Tori:

and here's enya:

Well, I think that's weird, because Tori doesn't look like that usually. Tori's the best though! Weird! Okay, that was the last story for today! Good night!

Posted by nina @ 10:16 PM CST
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hello again, I just surfed through the dailies and found something very neat on Cherry's site!! That is aweome, Cherry, I need to do it too! So here it is:

Nina's room:
1) What's on your desk?
my computer (and computer stuff like sound-boxes, mouse, blah blah), a lot of sheets of paper, siccers, bunny-fodder, a drawing-doll (you know these? Made of wood - you surely know!!), my loved Lava-lam and another lamp.
2) Colour of your wall?
white-beige striped.
3) Posters?
I like frames better, so what's in my frames? Stephan Raab, Keanu Reeves, Alanis Morissette and my holy Alanis signed magazine! And my door is covered with Alanis Magazine-stuff!
4) Covered with carpets?
I got 2 carpets on my floor, both in black & white, I don't like them at all
5) Soft toys?
Oh yeah, I got so many, but most of them are sleeping under my bed ;)
6) Books?
Well, I got one book-section in my shelf, I got quite a lot, but I rarely read. I mostly got horror stuff by Stephen King, a few movie books like House of mirth and the rest is fantasy.
7) What else?
There's so much more! My lovely bed, shelfes all around, my TV, cd-player, Cd's, plants, candles, my couch, my fanta-collection, brushes, colours, bunny-cage, my mirrow, blah blah.

I just have to take some new pictures of everything, you got to see it. It is my dream-room!! We renovated everything last year. Everything is white and woody, I love that. And I love my bed most, I just have to take photos!!!

Posted by nina @ 06:09 PM CST
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Wow, where is the time? I mean, the day is almost over and I didn't do much. I put heartmess on hiatus. Now I got to create so much for it, and as quick as possible. Maybe I won't be able to get it online again before my hallstatt-holidays. But who knows? I still got 4 days!! I can't imagine how much time the "on-hiatus-putting" took me. Almost 2 hours! Incredible!
Today I got your package, Christie!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! It is awesome, I lvoe that turtle!!! I really, really, really LOVE it!!!! Thank you!! You made my day!!! Thank you so much!!!
Ahw, by the way, Christie has updated her site, and she got a new Alanis site, which is so awesome! Go here for the first and here for the second. I feel so honored to be mentioned there so often, that is so lovely!! Ahw. How sweet!
Something negative now. There was a girl named Claire who stole Kimba's layout!! She's such a bitchy person, it is really unbelieveable. At first she apologized and closed her site. Okay. But suddenly she insulting Kimba. She says she has stolen her layout and stuff like that. What a blind girl, such a bad webdesigner! She should take all help she can get, you know. Visit her site, and you'll see what I mean, though this site is okay. Go to the "sites"-section and visit her sites!
I can't believe how she can say something bad about Kimba, who is helping everybody so much!!!
Okay. I think I am the wrong person to talk about that, because I stole myself, but was forgiven, and I am so glad about that now!!!!
Hmm. I am so glad I taped the making of Alanis' new video. It is so amazing, I love that video and I love that making of. Just great!!!
Talking about videos, I think I have watched this Tori video-collection about 20 times now. Probably. I still like Raspberry swirl best! This video is so flashy, I just love it!!! [more]

Posted by nina @ 05:30 PM CST
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Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Hello, it's late but I felt like blogging. So, today I went to this friend of my mom who has a swimming pool and a beautiful house on the country. My mommy needed to study for a test she'll have tomorrow at her school with that friend, and I just let myself fload in the pool, that was just great.
After that I met my granddad. He just comes once a year, he's normally living in hannover, and tramps with his wife around europe. I don't really know him and can't really say I like him. I only know I get a lot of money from him at christmas. I didn't get anything today, but I'm not sad about it, no, that's not the sense of meeting family, you know. It was just very strange, when we had this typical good-bye scene, he suddenly came up to me and said something like, "Katharina, it was a pleasure to meet you again, you were the biggest surprise this evening, with your outlooking, you know, and I am so proud of you, have a good time, good bye", and during he was saying that he held my hand. That was so weird. I didn't know what to say, so I just wanted to have a funny-reaction, and laughed a bit about it and said, "oh yeah". It was so weird. Weird, weird, weird, that's THE word that describes my whole family BEST.
Oh my god, I still feel these Flip-Flops on my feet, that is scary. And I got a terrible headache. It's unbelieveable. Probably because I sat in the sun too long today, but I get headaches all the time. And I hate it.
Well, I'll blog tomorrow again, tomorrow is going to be a typical Nina-chilling-day, I'll get up at 12am, as I did every day this week, and go to the computer or TV and stay there the whole time. Probably, hopefully! Good night now. [more]

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Monday, July 1, 2002

hello again, today I cleaned my whole computer. I had a really, really BIG virus, that needed huge space of my computer, horrible. And it was growing and growning, 10 times per minute!! Oh my god. And I couldn't delete it! That costed my daddy about thousand nerves, I guess. But he did it! And everything is working now. Picture it is still running a bit strange, but I'm just waiting to get adobe photoshop in a few months, hopefully, and then I'll never need this programme again.
Okay, I got another survey, and I'm going to add this right after blogging. I also got in contact with, what was his name? Adrian I think. He has an awesome website I like it though it has almost the same layout unsent had.
I think I'm going to add a music-section in the next layout. Talking about music. I am totally back in my Alanismania!! How long didn't I listen to her? For months!! That's my secret! I mean, I easily get fed up with songs. When I have listened to a CD too much, I can't listen to it anymore and I need something new. So I always change and get into different music-eras ;). Sometimes it's Alanis, then it's Ani, then it's Tori and finally it's Alien Ant Farm. You know.


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hey everybody, I just want to tell you, that I might not be online for some time, because of these fuckin'* viruses. I still can't really start my computer in the normal way, I need 10 hints to get on here. That is so annoying. Today I'll scan everything again. That will take this programme dayxs, so don'T wonder, everything could happen!
Have a great time! [more]

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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Hello!! Wow, today is cleaning day!! I cleaned up my whole room. It's probably still dirty for every normal person, but I think it is so clean!! It was so messy! You can't imagine!!!
And I'm afraid of having some new viruses. I knwo I have viruses on my computer the whole time. But I think I got a hard one again. I can't really start my computer. PictureIt! ain't working since some time, I can't save more than 2 graphics, then I got to restart my computer. And everything runs so slowly. Okay, it ran slowly. It seems like it's okay now. I let the virus-scan run over everything. It still does, I deleted so much. I haven't finished yet, I think the last time I took a look the scanner foudn about 20 viruses! What the hell am I doing wron, I don't even visit such typical virus-sites! Maybe because I downloaded tons of brushes yesterday? Maybe.
I wanted to do so much with Jeannine's stie today, but I couldn't. I'll try to start now. I'll ask Eni about hosting it. Shiricki told me to. Maybe she'll give me a chance. I mean, maybe she gives Jeannine a chance.
I am in my creative mood now. I've noticed, Kimba is redesigning, and it'S looking so awesome. I suddenly love this kind of purple she used!! I LOVE IT. And I want to create stuff for heartmess, buit jeannine comes first.


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Saturday, June 29, 2002

Hello everybody. Holidays are really nice. I slpet until 11:37 am today. When I woke up I thought it's 7 am, but it wasn't, I was so shocked, becasue I was still tired! Horrible!
So, we directly drove to the weekly family-dinner. My uncle had an accident last week, his whole hand got burned, but it looks okay now. My granddad gave me 20 euro for my grade card. Finally I can buy the 'flower by kenzo' perfume, I wanted for ages.
The weather is really weird. Sometimes it's sunny and after one minute it suddenly rains! Really, really weird. What am I going to do this afternoon (although it's 4:35 right now, very late)? I'll sent the photos of my maledives-holidays to christie and then create a new layout for jeannine's site. I got to find a host. Does anone know somebody who would take it?
Well, that's it. [more]

Posted by nina @ 04:35 PM CST
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