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CHARLES IN CHARGE started off in 1985 as one show, and by 1988 had evolved into something similar, but different. At first, CHARLES (played by 70s/80s hunk of manly man Scott Baio)was a kind of live-in babysitter for the Pembroke family (shown at left). The daughter was boring, the older son a nerdy computer-geek type kid, and the younger son a loveable nuisance. Most of these episodes revolved around Charles' evolving relationship with the beautiful Gwendolyn Pierce (who was, for some reason, always referred to by her full name). I guess this proved to be too boring because the show was completely revamped. The storyline explanation was that while Charles was away at school, the Pembrokes sold their house to the Powells and did not tell him. When he returned for the summer, he was hired by the Powell's anyway (how convenient!). Luckily, they had three infinitely more interesting children. Two good-looking blonde teenage girls whose charcters were foils for each other (popular vs. geeky), and the annoyingly charming little brother stereotype of the 80s. The biggest laughs always came from Charles' friend, Buddy (short for "Buddence") Lembeck. This show was totally (like, totally!) a guilty pleasure. You just had to love it!
I only watched this show a couple of times and kept getting upset at the other cast members because they never called Scott Baio "Chachi". Maybe Charles is short for Chachi, I don't know.


"Wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name..."

Do we really need to explain CHEERS? Every single era of this show was TV perfection. Characters came and went and the show survived without a hitch. This is one of the most beloved television shows ever. Who was your favorite character? Hmmm...I can't pick just one!
You can't dis Cheers. I don't know one person who hates Cheers (of course now I'll get several disagreeing e-mails). It was just a great show, from top to bottom. Who could forget Sam, Norm, Cliff, Carla, Diane, Coach, Woody, Frasier, Rebecca, Lillith, and, of course, Clavin's mother? Cheers is also one of the shows on the "classic" Thursday night line up for NBC, which was The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, and Night Court.


Ponch and Jon...who was your favorite? Everyone loved Ponch (Erik Estrada), so I probably enjoyed Jon. That's the kind of gal I am. My cousins spent massive amounts of time reenacting episodes of this show, as I recall. Not sure where I fit in. Remember those cooler-than-thou motorcycle chases?! Whoa.
Why, exactly, is the "i" not capitalized in the CHiPS logo? That always made me mad. Ponch and Jon were the perfect DiPS for CHiPs.


Again, does THE COSBY SHOW need explanation? From Rudy to Denise, Theo to Vanessa. There were enough lovable children on this show to keep the comedy going for years. Anyone remember the "My name's not BUD...it's Kenny!" episode where Rudy's friend had lied about his name? Hilarious! The only part I didn't like about the later years was when Rudy got older and they needed another child to fulfill the "cute kid" factor. They created that annoying little female character played by Raven Simone. Nothing against the actress personally, but Rudy had been just nauseating enough! I think my favorite episodes revolved around Theo or Vanessa. Vanessa was the closest to my age. If only all parents and children were so well-adjusted!
NBC was the "Cosby Network" for awhile in the 80s. Bill Cosby is one of those guys that always cracks me up, and I have no idea why. He could be doing the "Cosby dance" or watching "Colt Curby"(sp?) on the couch and I would find it hilarious. The first season of this show included a lot of jokes from his most recent HBO special. "Daddy's great, he gives us the chocolate cake..."

Comments by Kelly and Brian

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