1973 Mercury Cougar

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This site is dedicated to the 1973 Mercury Cougar, the last of the classic Cats. Meet our Cougars, an XR7 hardtop and a standard convertible. And while you're here, check out the rest of the site for information, pictures, bulletin board, and links for fans of the '73!
Note: It's been a while since this site has been updated. I was unable to log in for over three years:(
Now that Angelfire has allowed me to log in again, perhaps I can update this site!!

More about our Cougars...
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Specifications for the '73 Cougar
Standard Equipment for the 1973 Mercury Cougar
Options Available on the 1973 Mercury Cougar
Colors and Color Codes for the '73 Cougar
Parts for sale on the 'Net

About Us...
We are Jessica and Isaac Kline, and we live in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. We have had other Cougars in the past, but we are hooked on the '73! We were lucky to find a "matching" pair within six months of each other. We love to put pictures of other 1973 Cougars on our website....You are welcome to email us one, so we can. Or just email us at cougargal73@yahoo.com to tell us about your '73. Thanks for visiting!


**Many thanks to Shawn for this beautiful artwork!**