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  I will be sharing and signing my book, at Cutsforths Thriftway in Canby, Oregon (225 NE 2nd Ave Canby, OR 97013-3708) on Sunday, February 2nd, from 12 - 4 pm. If you are nearby, please please stop by!


Deep Dark and Dangerous: On the Bottom with the Northwest Salvage Divers,


by Rebecca Harrison




Salvage divers work underwater in a turbid darkness. In their cumbersome diving gear, these men have barely enough room to move around, while fighting the cold temperatures and treacherous currents. It is a dirty, unromantic and highly dangerous way of earning a living. Yet, these divers would not have traded their jobs for any other profession. From locating sunken boxcars to repairing concrete foundations for bridges, no task was too risky. Any underwater salvage or repair work became the job of these elite divers. Salvage divers are carpenters, masons, riggers, hydraulic mechanics, ironworkers, welders, pile bucks, and underwater engineers. They must be able to adapt all blueprints, tools and equipment to the harsh realities of the underwater environment. 



"A frightening yet fascinating trade, salvage diving stands as the Northwest's most dangerous occupation. Over half of salvage divers perish on treacherous dives in frigid waters. With her compelling and illuminating book, Rebecca Harrison chronicles the adventures of intrepid men and women as they salvage sunken cargo, repair bridges or lay underwater cable. As you read, be prepared for struggling with deadly Devil Fish, retrieving silver booty, and wrestling a sunken locomotive from the turbulent Deschutes. Of course, the big stories are the brave-hearted characters themselves who chose such a dangerous profession. Slender, sixteen-year-old Marie DeRock inherits her father's risky trade because he has no sons. And who would have guessed that adventurous Walt Morey, beloved author of Gentle Ben, dove long before he wrote? Harrison's clear portrayal of many breathtaking dives guarantees that readers will understand the depths of the Northwest's brawny waters."         ~Craig Lesley


Craig Lesley is the author of Burning Fence and The Sky Fisherman




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