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Friday, 24 September 2004
Daily boredom
i woke up finally after hitting the alarm five times (i only woke up because it fell off the fourth time and i had to turn on the light to find it to stop the beeping) im awake now. every morning i wake up and listen to 88.5 fm and i start to learn alot. today i wanted to go to a pigskin picken but i gotta go to this pigskin picken that looks like a bore

Poll who would you prefer for president a multi faced president (kerry) or Bush

Posted by rebellion2/ziffer at 8:36 AM
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Thursday, 23 September 2004
Hostage Iraq
Mood:  hungry
This morning my mom wakes me up at six and tells me i have to be at school early today so she can get are grads in and to top it off i didnt get breakfast ill prolly stop at the convienvce store down a ways. I have Three stupid teachers who dont know what their doing, Mrs Prince, Mrs Simmons, and Mr Reynolds, Prince treats us like her mental group, Simmons just repeats what you said and Reynolds just tells us to solve the book their all stupid.
Yesterday on 88.5 fm they were talking about the hostage cases in Iraq. And how they are sacrificing men and women so the hostage takers dont get what they want. i have no clue what i would do in Tony Blairs case What would you do? leave an entry

Posted by rebellion2/ziffer at 8:20 AM
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Wednesday, 22 September 2004
Mood:  not sure
My plan for this blog is to open a political discussoin between users and me. and in the proccess you will learn a bit about me. my name is Michael Brown and i attend East Forsyth High SChool, im currently 14 and very intrested in political discussions ill think of a question to ask people tomm about presidents. Ziffer = digit in German, pretty lame but i ran out of ideas thats all for now thanks michael

Posted by rebellion2/ziffer at 9:04 AM
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