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Mecha Challenge PK Fight Club
Poly Karbon site

Welcome to 'Shoe's Mecha inspired fight club. Here all of our pages for this fight club will be posted for easy reference and viewing, along with large character/mecha pics for artist reference. Hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to send C&C for me, RebelsoulPK, then drop me an e-mail at For Makeyourownshoes, Stinji, or m Zeally s you can find their e-mails in their PK forum profiles.

Jan 26th: Pages one through three finished and posted, additional mecha referances posted.

The Artists and their characters and mechas:
Makeyourownshoes Side view with gun
Arm detailed/weapons (Old)
Reb's Inking
Pilot pic not yet supplied
RebelsoulPK Golem (Full)
Arm (Left)
Pilot pending
StinjiThe Crysler CrusaderPilot link pending
m Zeally sImage pendingPilot pending
arcadianemetaiImage pendingPilot pending

Page #ArtistMaterials
Page oneRebelsoulPKB&W ink, Adobe Photoshop
Page 2RebelsoulPKB&W ink, Adobe Photoshop
Page IIIRebelsoulPKB&W ink, Adobe Photoshop
Page 4MakeyourownshoesPencil, B&W ink, Photoshop
Page 5MakeyourownshoesB&W ink, Photoshop
Page VIStinjiPencil