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ECA Tournament: More pictures
East Coast Alliance Forums

4-way battle in the Crest Base arena. Here I am OB jousting a BZ-50 and GRSL-20 at Arcadia while he attempts to retaliate with his KARASAWA. Apparently Thorn was nailing him from his left flank at the same time.

Early picture of the same battle from Arcadia's POV. Here he is blading Thorn's brother with the infamous MOONLIGHT.

Me with my Rape design fending off Thorn's MG-800/howitzer equipped heavyweight just before Arcadia decides to add some spice into the mix with his own attacks. Thorn dodges the GRSL-20 and I OB away to rethink my strategy.

Arcadia rushing in with Nemetai to apply some pressure with his MOONLIGHT. But he misses barely and accidentally picks up my discarded OC/15 with his wide swing. Lucky for him no one noticed this deadly handicapp and he got away unscratched.

That's all I have to show. I'll soon put up an edited video for all to see. When news of another ECA event comes up I'll jump on the forums with a fervor posting info about it, and I also have a lengthly list of those who wished to attend the last tournament and couldn't, I'll be sure to contact you when I learn of anything new.

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