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Masters of East Coast Tournament
Hosted by MTC and Necron

My buddy chris and I drove up to VA to be a part of the ECT. I don't have a lot of people around me who have even heard of Armored Core, so this was a great oppertunity to test my AC skill against some of the best on the east coast. Although turnout was less than expected at around 20 people the tournament was a blast. The competion was very firece and there was a nice mix of designs about, though I did see the MG/800 on quite a few designs. As for the actual outcome I didn't do as well as I would have hoped, but I was impressed with some of the few matches and come backs I pulled off. I left with some great experiance and look forward to the next year's tournament. I'm already revamping the Rebel accordingly, I simply can't wait.

I brought my digital camera and was able to record some of the fights. Unfortunatly my setup isn't good enough for web movies at the moment and I didn't get as much footage as I wanted to seeing as I was unprepared and forgot to get extra tapes and battery packs. Next time I'll be ready.

My Main Tournament battles

A few misc. pics

Left This is Darklegend sparring off against Necron. But unfortunatly for Dark, Necron kept his distance and whittled away at Dark's AP while for the most part avoiding the pilot's KARASAWA shots.
Right IIRC this is Ian's AC, a heavy/WAKE with the MG/800 and a left hand shotgun, I do not recall who he was fighting. But again, IIRC he placed very well in the tournament.

Holy crap! You VA people are spoiled! My buddy chris and I happened upon this when we stopped to rest halfway through VA. I've never seen anything like it!

Here is Ixer sparring against Andrew. While I didn't get to face Ixer in the tournament I did manage to get a few practice fights with him and I must say I was impressed. I was able to score one win but then he came back and owned me maybe 3 to 4 times straight after that, not letting me close to bring my MG and left nade rifle to any good use. Top notch stuff.