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With random precision...

I'm guessing none of you know who I am. If you do, you should feel honored. Not everyone is graced by my prescence as some have been so I ought to let you know a little about me. Me...what is there to say about me? Im 17, opressed, depressed (thats what THEY tell me, i don't believe it), and obsessed (or i was) with drugs. My home life sucks, my school life sucks, my love life sucks, but my life doesn't suck. They say ignorance is bliss, but thats what ignoramus' say. I realize how horrible the society around me is, but my realization gives me, how do say it...happiness. Everything our "authorities" tell us to do, obey, respect, live within the confines of the law is just rubbish, plain rubbish. Okay, im getting off topic, im supposed to be talking about me. To a dull man i'm funny, to a tall man i'm short, to a dumb man i'm smart. What does that make me? Average. I hate being average. But at least it's better than being called "special" (although there are hidden benefits to it). That one word sums me up.