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Think For Yourself...Question Authority

There are a lot of people out there who will do anything to get ahead in life, and this includes saying things that aren't true and misleading people. They're in your neighborhoods, in your schools, in your places of worship, in your homes. They tell people things, and people folow them, because they want someone who will lead them. As the song goes: "Someone above the crowd, someone who seemed to feel the same. Someone prepared to lead the way, and, someone who would die for me..." Beware these people. They are shepherds. By shepherds I mean Leaders of a deaf, blind, dumb flock. If you want an example, you need look no further than L. Ron Hubbard and his army of Scientologists. I am not saying don't listen to anyone. I'm merely offering this invaluable bit of advice: THINK FOR YOURSELF.

My General Philosophy of Life
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