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Hey Connor, what time is it? "I dunno.." POSSE PAGE REMODELING TIME!! RUFF!! a lot of things have gone down in posse-ville the last few weeks, and we're due for some updates. so check us, check us out.

Hey Strongbad? We have this friend named Milton, who is pretty cool. However, he happens to be a pinata. A llama pinata to be exact. Could you tell us your thoughts on human / pinata friendships? Are we off our rockers or what? Keep in mind, he's colorful and was once candy-filled (two very GOOD things, in our opinions). Thanks bunches, The posse

RANDOM FACTS OF THE WEEK... or some amount of time:

Ame's: she enjoys repeatedly buying coke/sprite/cherry icees and then raving on how good they are. as in, better than your mom, last night.

Amy's: she really brings the mosh. you know how we do. i mean... her. anyway, she's really beastly about holding her own when near the pit. especially when boys try to apologize like she's supposed to be upset or something.

Eliza's: eliza likes to randomly insert sexual innuendo in the conversation, mostly at an attempt to benefit friends around her. "suuuure she wants to have your baby... she was telling me how she wants to meet you out back in 5 minutes..." thanks eliza. if only it would actually work next time.

Emily's: she likes to program special ring tones for all her friends. watch out or you might get "the hokey pokey" or something like that. oh, and when the mexican dance song starts, it's time to dance like a fool.

Jaime's: she is the makeout queen. and my personal hero. lips around the nation are insanely jealous of such action. whoa buddy she's da mack.

Milton's: his favorite color is orange. And he loves to eat them too. Oranges, that is. Sometimes he leaves the peelings in Amy's car, and Emily gets all mad because she has to clean up the peelings and discipline Milton.

Go posse, it's ya birthday... we're gon party like it's ya birthday... sip bacardi like it's ya birthday... uhh just kidding there. But yeah, pretty much any weekend you can find us in the club. And by "club" I mean "go!," "cat's cradle," "Franklin Street," "thrift stores," "cd alley/schoolkids," "with your mother," "southpoint", "bling-bling mobile," or "Ame's house." Check us out:

Ame: tee hee, you can't see me! ame has become a bit of a mystery posse member, due to her lack of photos. most of which are pretty crappy, probably because she holds the camera too close to her face. no matter. you can save your notes of endless love and devotion for the real thing. mmm sexy. YES I'M AWESOME!

Amy: She has a couple crazy neighbors that we like to laugh at. especially those kids who try to skateboard but really can't. or that kid who ran over his own mailbox. or that old guy that likes to mow the lawn in daisy dukes. he's a weirdo too.

Eliza: she is the pourer of the freakishly full juice cup you see below. and also, she doesn't know how to update the page, therefore is under the mercy of us cooler, less smelly people. bwahahaha!

Emily: Ummmm I'm the coolest to ever walk this planet and everyone in the posse is totally jealous of me. Well maybe not but I'M NOT DEAD! I promise! I WILL make it to an ALG show at least once in my lifetime. I mean, I gotta see Allen screaming. I hear that's an artform. Screaming I mean.

Jaime: Jaime has left for utah-son-boro-ton-ville, but the girl has done good! the first ever the make that long hard jump from honorary member to full blown possetastic. though she's not an original, we love her just as much! (sometimes more!). dis girl be crazy. defending the am-eys honor, getting us all some macking, her mad drop kicking skills? what can we say? she rules to the max! welcome on in pantygirl!

MILTON!!: only the world's coolest rainbow llama pinata! milton rocks extra hard. in his spare time, milton likes to ride around in amy's backseat and scare people on the freeway. when he gets hungry, milton really goes for some good clam chowder and german sausages, but only from the chick-fil-a in Raleigh. he also enjoys long walks on the beach and drinking a nice merlot with his lady friends. especially that cool cat coney island.

Honorary Members of the Posse

Jenna: crazy crazy gal who likes to come with us sometimes to random concerts and such. She's really tiny in real life, but don't be fooled because she's an anti-war BEAST and she will mess you up. Hee, hee.

Greg: aka "Gregolas," "Greg-o-rama," "Gregas," etc. We call him "ass" for short. He's a fun guy (haha "fungi") who has the same shoes as Amy and almost the same shoes as Emily... and he has this really kooky looking hat that got run over. I mean, the name, the shoes, the kooky hat? What's not to love?

Allen: one of those hotties from that great game known as dreamphone. i mean, just check out the features, ladies. sadly, he's without suspenders today, but we know you'll still want him just as much. and if you're really diggin on the boy, just dial up those digits. that's a hot date right there.

Kendall: w00t! one of our lovely beach trip gals! she's great about offering her house up for mini gatherings and such, even for recieving unmentionables in telltale paperbags. if ever faced with boredom, head over to her house with 17 frosties and you're set!

Krista: YES! She's finally on here!! I don't know why she wasn't sooner, but yeah she chills with us a lot and eats lunch with us everyday. Thank goodness, since we rescued her from the senior table where she didn't really talk to anyone, instead staring at the wall and occasionally mumbling in Ame's direction. Ok so... Krista is cool!

Want to be on the list? Drop us an email or a guest book entry. Or... a beat on your bucket hand. That works too.

Inside Jokes of the Moment Slash Funny Quotes

Amy: "My gas gauge is all messed up! Sometimes I'll park and it'll be like 'you have this much gas left'.. then I'll start the car again and it'll be like 'you have this much gas left.' And I'm like 'WHAT? Did someone SIPHON my gas??'"

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days until Ame comes home for more posse action!!

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