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RVD returns to his roots...

A RP By: Rob Van Dam
Featuring: RVD, Rey Mysterio, Billy Gunn
People Mentioned: The remaining opponents for my King Of The Ring match
Word Count (For Those Who Care):1,845 words, 10,606 characters
Rob's Next Match: 10 Man Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership to the IC title @ King Of The Ring
Stacy's Next Match: N/A
Rob's Record: 2-0-0
Stacy's Record: 0-0-0

The scene opens backstage, where RVD is staring down at a T-shirt that he's holding in his hands. He holds it up, so that nobody can see what the design on it is. As he seems to be thinking about something, his partner - Rey Mysterio, walks into the room. Rob sets down the shirt, face down, and walks over to him.

[Rob Van Dam] Rey, man... we gotta talk..

Rey just seems to ignore him, as if he's really upset about something.

[Rob Van Dam] Listen, we said we weren't going to do this, remember?

Again, Rey says nothing. He sits down and flips on the TV screen. Rob continues to plead with him as he flips through the channels.

[Rob Van Dam] Hey, we went into there as single competitors - not as a team... and now, we're a team. That was then, this is now, and we need to go in there as PARTNERS... now, I can't have you getting all pissed off at me just because I knocked you out in the Battle Royal. Can't you see that?

Just then, Rey hits the video of the latest brodcast by The Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

[The Undertaker] Fear not.. for I am still here among the world of the living. My power will return when we recover the urn. I shall

[Rob Van Dam] You see? You see what we're up against? This is the bloody Undertaker, REY! I need a partner here, not some mopy twelve year old... get your act together, or you might just find YOURSELF without a partner!

Rob walks out and slams the door behind him. Can this team co-exist to beat The Brothers Of Destruction Monday night - or will this riff in the waters pull them apart? We'll find out soon enough.