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\/\/e|c0/\/\e to the REBELLION!

Dreamed of fighting ungodly creatures and mystical foes? Ever wanted to have the ability to cast magic and control natural forces at your beck and call? Well then YOU should Join the Rebellion!

Rebellion 2 the Norms is just a silly little 5 minute Idea I came up with to see if anyone is interested out there to take it on. When I say 5 minute idea, I litteraly mean I created this whole thing in 5 minutes. From the story, Idea of character looks/styles, to the more nitty-gritty details, learn what it's like to live in a world where everyone thinks your crazy and that nothing bad could ever happen.

Tell me the Story of Adamption!

Which Path do You Choose?

Practitioners- People of the Light
Aquadadorians- Water Rulers
Temptamers-Fire Masters
Shifters- Earth Weavers
Psyndicates-Minds over Matters
NightSouls- Crafts of the Dark Arts

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