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Terremoto-n : "shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement"- literally terrestrial motion, or movement of the earth

A chaotic rush of melody and riffage. Grungy, thrashing rock with catchy melodies and various musical styles on the side.

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    February 11, 2007- As of ______ Terremoto of the Quiet Ones is officially DEAD!!! May the good times and memories R.I.P.! At least I can recall the good times when I listen to our "Too many 5's" demo which captured the spirit of our band, which never matured past its cocoon stage. We just had a long serious talk and determined that after a year of trying to find a drummer and not succeeding, and having difficulty succeeding when we did have a drummer, that the band was a futile pursuit and it should be either fully functioning or non-existent; it was torture having the band still alive but not able to do anything and just floating around. So it's dead. We killed it. And the tension along with it has been released into the sky like a dove. So we are free from worry and burden, and free to just enjoy our last years at Liberty University while we can.

    Jordan and Russell are no longer room mates but that's not because of tension or anything, it's just that Jordan hated the crummy dorm life and being in such close quarters with strangers so he moved to the quad dorms with his long time friend Nathan, while for Russell it was and is the best time of his life and is now living in the dorm Dc Talk stayed in- Dorm 6! We still see each other here and there and go to church together and actually now are pursuing a deeper relationship with our Creator by giving back the love He's given us to the community around us. We almost never talk to Chris except a few comments here and there on facebook. Rumor has it that he's engaged now...but maybe I'm not supposed to say that. Oh well... You don't know who I am! Kim Rash (aka Tae Kim, aka Matthew? or whatever he's called now) mysteriously dissapeared from LU last semester and I randomly met him in the cafeteria a few weeks ago. He said he got kicked out last semester, but was back and would be willing to be our drummer again, of course that won't happen now. Russell is still writing music, of course, as he always has been. Since most of the music was his anyways he's trying to start a solo career now, taking the "Terremoto" out of Terremoto of the Quiet Ones (which was his input in the band name) and has finally finished a 10 song acoustic demo titled, Take it or leave it. He plays all instruments and it consists of songs originally from the TQO playlist that could be made into acoustic songs, including the infamous "Majorities" performance at Open Mic night at David's Place. Check out Terremoto: Take it or leave it. He's also thinking about possibly being in a band that's just for fun with his current roommates Dan and Luke. It would be called Sodexho Skeleton, so keep your ears open! Although maybe nothing will ever happen. Anyways that's about it. Sorry for any time I mentioned any band member or person involved with TQO in an apparent derogatory manner. It was probably just me spouting about something on my mind, or openly expressing my frustration or concern at times, but anyways... Let the goodtimes roll on, may the memories always be fresh in our minds, and God bless all involved in this amazing adventure that is Terremoto of the Quiet Ones! Rock the world to its core!

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  • Rock the World/ #7
  • Simple-Minded Hypocrites
  • Kerri's Brownies
  • Lost Humanity
  • Majorities
  • Hollywood has gone to the bad place...


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    11\20/05- After being a band for almost a year, it is time to reestablish our commitments to the band and God and make sure all of us are willing to make this our main priority now and for the rest of our lives according to God's will. Once we figure out if we're all in this for good, then we'll continue our progress and redo our demo.

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