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Last Stand Roster

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Dal'RuuTeras Kasi Arist - Weapon Smith- CommandoThe Officer
TegenFencer - Creature Handler Alliance Superviser
Thug ForceDoctor - Fencer - ArmorsmithMr. Mayor
Kil'JhardCommando - Smuggler Leader
YmitCreature Handler - Pikeman Not on SWG for a while
OsonCreature Handler - Commando Imperial Antaginizer
NygibBounty HunterMinion
PihoqahiaqMedic - Doctor - Combat MedicLove Bringer
Akir ??? Minion
EtchenSmuggler -ArchitectBuilder
AckokBounty HunterFish boy Drone
Mogbert ???? Drone
LinosCommando Minion
IsavaliBounty HunterMinion
Zevo M. Rifleman -Creature Handler - ArchitectGod
TurcRifleman - Musician - - Architect Smith
NaoshiCreature Handler - DancerKeeper of the Dance
Levictus Architect - Pistoleer Mr. Anderson

This is not an official Last Stand website, The forums are. This is just a website to help people out with members right now.The ranks are not official. This is a unoffical Website.