Character Specifications

There are four different kinds of fae based upon the four elements: water, fire, air, and earth. At birth all fae are neutral and it is through life experiences during birth and childhood that their element is determined. To some degree genetics has something to do with it but it is not the only factor. A fae’s powers (as well as their weaknesses) differ from element to element. Despite the differences in the elementals, all fae have some of the same basics abilities. All fae can change into their respective element (I.E. water fae can turn into a puddle of water) and can control and manipulate that element to some degree. All fae have telekinetic abilities which are generally used in conjunction with their faerie glamour powers. A fae’s glamour is a projection of an image, and this ability is generally used to project a human appearance (as all fae are usually around 5 inches tall and have tinted skin). Another piece of information that would be important to note is that a fae’s power is generally tied to his/her emotions (tempers beware).

The fae’s natural tongue sounds exactly like a small chorus of jingling bells. When a fae is in danger, the speed of his or her wings automatically increases which also produces this jingling sound. Any other fae in the area recognize this as a distress call and immediately come to help.

Water Fae:
- Can control and manipulate water in its liquid form; I.E. create tsunamis, whirlpools, rain showers, etc.
- Body temperature greatly affects their mood: if the temperature is too low they will become sluggish and are in danger of falling asleep. If the temperature is too high they act both drunk and extremely hyper at the same time.
- Need less nourishment than others; tend to eat only ¼ of what regular humans eat. What they lack in solid food intake, they make up for in water intake. A water fae can become easily dehydrated.
- Though no fae can spontaneously create their element, a water fae can collect humidity from the air and concentrate it to make a puddle, glass of water, etc.
- Water fae are known as the trouble makers of fae society. They like poking trouble where they can. Also because of the effect of temperature on their moods, they also tend to have bipolar tendencies.

Fire Fae:
- Can control and manipulate fire; I.E. create infernos, transfer heat to metal, etc.
- Obviously, fire fae normally have very high body temperatures. They like heat and if their body temperatures drop, they become sick. If their temperature drops too low, it may prove deadly.
- Having a much higher metabolism than the other fae, fire fae are known for eating almost three times the amount of that of a normal human. They do not drink much though; in fact they are highly allergic to water.
- Once again, fire fae can not spontaneously create fire, however, they can take something as small as a spark of flame and feed it into a raging inferno.
- Fire fae tend to have very quick tempers; they are easy to anger. This can prove useful though. In fae society, the fire fae are most commonly the fighters and warriors.

Air Fae:
- Can control and manipulate air; I.E. can create air storms, hurricanes, etc.
- Air fae are allergic to air pollution and do not do well in areas where there is a high amount of smog or factories that produce such air impurities.
- The eating habits of air fae are very light. They do not eat a lot, but graze on snacks all throughout the day.
- As they are so strongly connected to the sky and thus wide open spaces, all air fae are claustrophobic. They hate being trapped and get very upset when put into a tight space.
- Air fae have very flighty personalities and sometimes have a little difficulty concentrating. Air fae are also commonly on the religious side, though this isn’t a rule. Within a fae community, the religious leader is most often an air fae.

Earth Fae:
- Can control and manipulate earth; I.E. can cause earthquakes, create chasms, etc.
- Diet wise, earth fae are in an almost constant need of mineral supplements. They either eat a lot of vitamins or like to eat a lot of salty foods. They can’t eat processed foods, as they are allergic to the preservatives within them which cause them to become very sluggish.
- Being very centered in the earth, all earth fae are both acraphobic and altophobic; they have a grandiose fear of wide open spaces as well as of heights.
- Earth fae are the most logical of all the fae, they are the thinkers and consequently the leaders of fae communities. They are not generally the most outgoing but are very reliable as the stone and earth they draw their powers from.

Note: In battle, fae are known to combine their powers with catastrophic results.

Some Origins:
The first fae originated in Ireland, due to the high concentration of magic in that region. From there they branched into the British Isles and other places. The fae stayed mostly in the forests and other regions uninhabited by human beings, creating their own societies and hierarchies. As the global industrial revolution hit, they started to become more secluded and harder to find by any human being.

The Rebirth of Magic:
As magic has made its resurgence in the world fae have started to come out of hiding. When not in the presence of other fae, though, they tend to keep their glamours up to give the appearance of a human or an elf. Those individuals who find themselves morphed into fae almost undoubtedly are Irish descendants of some kind. Reasons for transforming generally include a strong tie to the planet and its elements, as well as sharing those characteristics common to the type of fae they become.

Fae and Society:
Fae are usually just as personable as any human, though they do remain weary of races bigger than them who may try to capture them (despite the difficulty in doing so) and exploit their magical powers. For example, recently, a new drug has arrived on the black market, known on the street as “dust”. It is made up of crushed and powdered fae and is an extremely strong hallucinogen. For the most part though, fae keep to themselves in their own communities with the exceptions of some more reclusive individuals.


Humans: “Annoying fireflies from Hell. If they don’t stop jingling, they’re gonna meet my flyswatter!”

Elves: “Shiiiiiinyyyyy…I mean…um…yeah they’re cool! And kinda cute ‘cause they’re so small!”

Vampires: “I suppose somebody has to protect the planet and what not. They do make nice appetizers though.”

Drow: “Bloody pain in the ass bugs. They’re only good as decorations on my windshield.”

Dwarves: “They wouldn’t be so bad if they worked a little bit more! Not that they can really do anything all that much anyway.”


Orcs: “They’re just like hyper active children. As long as you keep them away from the worksite, and stop them from making too much trouble, and stop them from getting too angry and causing natural disasters, I suppose they’re alright.”

Werewolves: “They’re like mini Captain Planets! They’re really in tune with the planet which is really awesome, but if only they could calm down some!”

Sidhe: ::sigh:: “Sometimes they just have way too much energy!”