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The band started in August, 2002 as a three-piece with me (Jake) on guitar and lead vocals, Ryan on bass and back up vocals, and Brian on drums and back up vocals. They recorded a demo in October that they passed out for free to kids at shows. They played their first two shows as a three-piece that November with Thought Riot and Toxic Narcotic. They decided that they needed a fourth member to complete the line up, and to add to better live show performances. we found playing shows as a three-piece to be difficult. In December they recruited their long time friend Derek to play guitar. This way we could have Jake doing vocals only during live shows. Things were going great with Derek but due to his other band and personal reasons he had to leave. When Derek was in the process of leaving, they started becoming friends with Ricky, who played guitar and was the only punk kid we knew that wasn't in a band. He was the perfect fit and we immediately began teaching him songs. Derek played his last show with us in February 2003, and after that Ricky officially became our new guitarist. In March 2003, we went into the studio for the first time to record "Passion For Destruction EP." Even though Ricky was in the band, we had to record as a three piece without him because he didn't know the songs well enough yet. They finished the CD and self-released it. It was sold at our shows and through mail order. The CD had a great response and our name started to become recognized around San Diego. We finished teaching Ricky songs and throughout 2003 they were constantly playing shows as a four piece in San Diego with A Global Threat, The Virus, Lower Class Brats, and many more. In August 2003 Mark Unseen heard their CD and decided to give them a deal with his label A.D.D. Records. They have played some out of town shows and plan on doing as much touring as possible in the future. Their line up now is stronger than ever and will not be changing any time soon. That's the story so far behind Career Soldiers.


Jake- Lead Vocals

Ricky- Guitar/Vocals

Ryan- Bass/Vocals

Brian- Drums/Vocals