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Jeff's Website Fo Sho.

All About Me...

So.. my name is Jeff.. 17 years old, live in troy, michigan. and here.. we... go.

As you'll see.. i have a thing for cars.. and a girl. I already have the perfect girl.. but my perfect car would be a '97 supra twin turbo w/ targa top,a border body kit and hood, and a chameleon paint job with blue as the base color :)

Yup i have a girlfriend.. her name is Emily, and she is amazing. :)

Picture of Emily
My sister and I
Here's a senior pic of mine
Yup, I am the ruler.

This is the nicest car.. ever. (aka Porsche GT2)
I wish i could afford it.. maybe next year.

My personal favorite car is a supra.. at least a reasonably priced car.

Well here's my girlfriend of seven months.. i dont think she liked the pic of her i put this in..

i'll put one of us together in here as soon as i get some developed.

Best bands:

  • Something Corporate
  • Radiohead
  • Counting Crows
  • Taking Back Sunday

As for my car... here it is.. a 2000 grand prix gt, soon to be a 2003 grand prix gt..hopefully black this time?

That's my sister Melissa.. and me.. now she's 20.. more like 7

We start at a young age in our family..

And here.. i'm the king of the world apparently..

Yeah well.. ninja, surfer.. whatever. I like it.

hopefully my next car

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