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My Home Page

This website is dedicated to all the freakin 9th graders that like to irritate the living h@$# out of me.
These stupid little 9th graders are getting really anoying. If anybody agrees with me, I praise you. I have to say that many tenth graders are just as bad as these stupid 9th graders. I have a good list of people and the reasons that they are so freakin gay. Here they are:
Bekah Potter(10th grade): just the name should give it away i mean, she has to be the biggest pig in the school.
Sara Magrini(9th grade): you wanna talk about a cry baby, this girl has the biggest problem with people, she either hates somebody or loves them to death. All her little friends get really annoying also,
Michael Turner aka "RENURT"(10th grade): oh my god, did you ever see this little freak, I mean come on he freakin makes movies using legos. I dont know if you heard, but he is actually trying to get his driver's permit. EVERYBODY STAY OFF THE ROAD. you may die. Have you ever seen him in geometry class, he freakin took off his shoe, then his sock and started picking at his feet. If I was in that class I would have already killed him. Another thing are those f$#@%&% high socks that he wears, if I ever see him in a dark alley, don't expect me to return to school ever again because he be a dead man.
I hate stupid people, I'm sure everyone who is reading this right know also think that stupid people are gay with a capital g.