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Seacouver's Blog

Wednesday, 15 October 2003

Right then, like I care.
Fine. Don't talk to me.

Went to the mall with Parker today. He had to buy his girlfriend something. Asked me what I'd like better, this hot pink lipstick, or a baby blue necklace. I told him the necklace so I could strangle him. How dare he compare me to his airhead bint? I swear, she is the perfect blond! Clueless majorly that one. Parker, perfect prep, didn't clue in that I didn't like his comparison and bought the necklace.

Boys are so dumb. (THROW ROCKS AT THEM!! LOL)

'Lex got back from his trip to Boston. He brought me back this wicked bracelette. Earned himself a hug and a pat on the head. He kicked Parker in the ass when he started on about his blond bint. Said it wasn't proper to talk about hoes in front of real women. Parker (dude, you are such an idiot today!) insisted there were no 'real women' around. 'Lex points to me, Parker's all 'Dur... CC don't count... she's one of US!'

Hah, gotta do my work now. Genetics.

This blog thing might not be so bad....

--- see ya,

Seacouver ---

Posted by rebellion2/randomrock at 5:22 PM EDT
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Monday, 13 October 2003

It's a blog.
I feel so mainstream. Thanks a lot guys.

So, hi. My name's Seacouver. I live in North America, like any form of rock music (classic, punk, whatever), play gutair, can't spell, and read fanfic.

Why I'm doing this I have no idea. My 'friends' all have blogs and bullied me into writing this thing.

Peer pressure is bad kiddies. Do not listen to the stoner of your social circle. He'll get you a blog.

Right then, to hell with the writing. Someone leave a message and I'll put out something else, but right now there's slash fics to read.

--- see ya,

Seacouver ---

Posted by rebellion2/randomrock at 7:48 PM EDT
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