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Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb


It is highly recommended that you use earplugs if you use flash powder and cover it in construction adhesive. This warning also applies to the Co2 bombs and other explosives.

To make a cherry bomb you will need the following:

2 soda bottle caps
Flash Powder (works the best but may be hard to obtain) or Black powder
electrical tap

Hot glue

Construction adhesive (optional)

Start by filling one of the two bottle caps up with flash powder, drill a hole in the empty cap and stick some fuse through it, now place the empty bottle cap over the full one, once they’re lined up, squeeze them and hot glue all around the seem, tape it around once and let it dry. If it wont stay on well, glue it a second time. Once it’s securely glued on, wrap the hell out of it with your tape until it has an even layer about 1cm thick. To make it like a real cherry bomb, generously cover the whole thing in heavy-duty construction adhesive and spray paint it red once it’s dry. This kind with the adhesive could blow up a mailbox easy if you use flash powder.

You can also use an empty film canister and drill a hole in the cap, fill the canister ½ way with flash/black powder, and tape the hell out of itand cover in construction adhesive.




Napalm is almost impossible to put out, so please be very cautious and preferably only light it over a body of water when it’s not windy if you tie it to a bottle rocket.


To make napalm, you will need the following:


Gas and any other highly flammable liquid

Packing Styrofoam (the kind that has a textured look and makes a huge mess when you break it)


Plastic bag

Bottle rocket (optional)


First take the Styrofoam and break it into pieces about an inch big, then put it in the plastic bag and pour in a 50/50 mixture of the gas and other flammable liquid, the stick in the fuse and tie or tape of the top of the bag so nothing leaks out. If you want, tape small amounts of it to the side of a bottle rocket, then make a trail of gas to where the fuse is, light the trail and stand back. The gas lights the napalm and fuse so the napalm is on fire while the rocket goes flying into the air.



Smoke Bombs:

To make a smoke bomb, you will need the following: 

Potassium Nitrate (a.k.a. KN03, or Saltpeter)


A saucepan

Cereal box cardboard, or toilet paper roll


To make homemade smoke bombs you must first mix 60% potassium nitrate and 40% sugar in a bowl. Then, melt in a saucepan on a low fame together until it looks like caramel or peanut butter. Then, quickly scoop out onto a piece of thin cardboard, (cereal box) or, into a toilet paper role and stick in a fuse. Wait until it becomes cool, and rock hard, then, HAVE FUN! (a pound of this stuff can cover a city block)

Warning: if you melt it on to high a flame or heat, it will turn a very dark color and combust making a huge mess of flames and charcoal like stuff, so keep a bucket of water near by.


Soda Bottle Salute:

To make a Soda Bottle Salute, you will need:


one 2-liter soda bottle.
Sandwich bag
1-3 tablespoons of gunpowder or Pyrodex.
A few seconds worth of visco fuse, I use at least 3 inches.


First, cut off the end of the sandwich bag so that there is a large pocket. Discard the rest of the bag. Take 1 to 3 tablespoons of BP.
Fill the bag with the BP and insert the fuse, then seal it with tape.
Make sure to leave most of the fuse outside of the bag. Now for the hard part, fit the bag through the neck of the bottle.
Drill a hole into the bottle cap and fit the fuse through it and screw on the cap.
You may want to tape the fuse so it won't fall in. Put the cap on, and it's ready for use.


Triangle Firecrackers

To make triangle firecrackers, you will need the following:

Gun powder



Electrical tape


Start by cutting the paper length ways so you have a strip 2” wide and have it as long as the piece of paper. Next, fold it once like you would to make a paper football, now there is a pocket, tape the edge of the pocket and put in a decent amount of black powder but don’t compress it or fill it all the way. Now carefully fold the paper over in the same fashion once and tape it so it stays in place, now keep folding it over and over some what tightly and once all the paper is folded, tape the hell out of it all over especially on edges.


Co2 bombs

To make a Co2 bomb, you will need the following:


An empty Co2 cartridge (preferably the 12gram ones used fro paint ball guns)


Black powder or flash powder


Start by making the hole in the top of the cartridge only big enough to fit you fuse through. Then improvise a funnel using tin foil and put in about 2 table spoons of gun powder into the cartridge, once all the powder is in, tap it gently to make it fall to one place. Then stick in the fuse, tape it off so it stays in place, and its ready for use! These things can obliterate a car if placed on gas tank.


Gas Fireball

To make a huge fireball you will need the following:

Empty beans can or something like that
Plastic bag
Black Powder
Drill bit and Drill (for fuse hole)

Ok, start by drilling a hole 1 cm from the bottom of the can. Then place a 4 inch long piece of fuse in the hole so it goes half way through the can. Then place a 2 cm layer of Black Powder in the can so it covers the fuse. Now take the plastic bag and pour some gas (or any other highly flammable liquid) in it and hold one of the top corners so all the liquid will move to one edge of the plastic bag. Now gently twist and tie the bag just above where the top of the petrol is in the bag. Now put the little pouch of petrol into the can so it is directly above the layer of Black Powder and stretch the very top part of the plastic bag over the top of the can and tape it tight so it will remain hanging over the Black Powder. Then put an improvised lid on the can (circle of cardboard with a bit of tape holding it, or even a piece of tin foil) When complete, place on a flat surface and light the fuse then run like hell and watch as it exploded with a huge fireball.

You can do this on a smaller scale by using a film canister and less gunpowder.



Roman Candles#1To learn how to make Stars for your Roman candle, read the article below this one. To make a roman candle, you will need the following:


One Roman candle casing (make your own of course, about 11" long)
10 stars (the same diameter as the inside diameter of your tube, which is the same as the diameter of your tube-rolling dowel)

10-20 grams of BP
Some sand
A 12 inch length of fuse. (Can be visco; don't try using shitty homemade stuff)
Epoxy or hot glue, whatever's cheapest for you.


Roll your tube by mixing warm water and Elmer’s glue together until glue is completely dissolved in the water, then
First, plug one end of the tube with epoxy or construction adhesive and a 2" (5cm) layer of sand, run the length of fuse down the tube, all the way to the sand layer. This will serve to ignite the lift charges. Next, pour ~2 grams of BP into the tube. After that, drop a star down into the tube as well. Now, put in as much sawdust or sand as you need to cover the star, and press it lightly until it's flat. Repeat the process of BP, then star, then sand, until you fill up the tube or run out of stars. Over the open end, put a sheet of paper or something to secure the stars and fuse.


The below are to be made into balls, rolled in grained powder and dried in the sun. Used in Roman candles, rockets, etc.

Common Stars

Saltpeter 1 lb.; Sulphur 4 1/2 oz.; antimony 4 oz.; isinglass 1/2 oz.; camphor 1/2 oz.; alcohol 3/4 oz.

White Stars

Mealed powder 4 oz.; Saltpeter 12 oz.; Sulphur 6 1/2 oz.; oil of spike 2 oz.; camphor 5 oz.

Trailed Stars.

Saltpeter 4 oz.; Sulphur 6 oz.; sulphate of antimony 2 oz.; rosin 4 oz.

With Sparks. Mealed powder 1 oz.; Saltpeter 1 oz.; camphor 2 oz.

The above are to be made into balls, rolled in grained powder and dried in the sun. Used in Roman candles, rockets, etc.

Roman Candles. #2To make a roman candle, your will need the following:

Meal-powder, 1/2 lb.

Saltpeter, 2 1/2 lbs.

Sulphur & glass dust, each, 1/2 lb
a thick tube

Black powder


Toilet paper

 This is rammed in cases as follows: Put at the bottom of the case a small quantity of clay, then some gunpowder, then a wad of paper, then 1/6 of the height of the case of the composition, then a wad and powder and a star or ball, (read article above) then more composition, and so on till the case is filled. The wads must be loose (only to prevent the mixing of the composition and gunpowder), and the ramming should not be begun until the case is 1/3 filled, and then should be gentle lest the stars be broken.


How To Make A Rocket

To make a rocket you will need the following:

A tube with a thick wall
Powdered cat litter
Dowel (a piece of wood or metal which will slide comfertably into the tube you are using)
Drill with drill bit
Guide stick

Start by getting your tube, which should be 6 times the length of the diameter long, and filling it half way with your powdered cat litter, the length of the nozzle should be 1/4 of the length of the tube e.g. if the length of the tube is 4 cm then the length of the nozzle should be roughly 1 cm. Now take your dowler and place it into the tube then hammer it hard, this will turn the powder into a compressed nozzle. Now drill a hole into the compressed nozzle (the hole should be a 1/3 of the diameter of the tube e.g. if the diameter is 10 mm then the hole should be roughly of the diameter 3.0 - 3.5 mm). Now place a small piece of toilet paper into the hole you have just made, to block any propellant from falling out. Now pour your propellant into the tube and use the dowler to compress it down as hard as you can, then keep doing this until there is a gap of roughly 1 cm (if using a 4-5 cm tube), place an end cap into the gap until it touches the propellant, fill the remaining space with low melt glue. Now turn the rocket around when the glue is dry and remove the toilet paper, place a desired length of fuse into the hole and secure it if needed, with crumpled strips of toilet paper. Now take your guidance stick and tape it to the side of your rocket tube (the guidance stick should be roughly 5 times the length of your tube).

Fountain #1

To make a fountain you will need the following:

A thick tube
Some Black Powder with aluminum powder in it (for white sparks)
A wooden dowler
A hammer
Powdered chalk/cat litter (same for the rocket)/tissue paper and glue mixed together
Drill and drill bit
Low melt glue gun
End cap
Toilet paper

Start by filling the thick tube with the powdered cat litter half way, then use your dowler and hammer to compress the cat litter into a solid end block. Now take your drill and drill bit and drill a hole in the cat litter end block, make sure the hole is big enough so the black powder doesn't explode. Now put a wad of toilet paper in the hole to stop any Black Powder from falling out. Now pour your Black Powder/Aluminum powder in the tube and use your dowler (not hammer as well) to compress the composition. Keep pouring more composition in the tube and keep compressing what you pour in, until you get to 1 cm from the top. Put the end cap in the 1 cm gap until it touches the composition; carry on by filling the gap with low melt glue. Now take the fountain (when the glue is dry, obviously) and take the toilet paper from the hole and use the drill bit ONLY to manually make a hole in the compressed composition inside (by putting the drill bit through the hole and turning it with your fingers). Now place a fuse in the hole and push it into the composition, if necessary put small wads of toilet paper around the fuse tightly to stop it falling out. Now simply stick it in the ground, fuse end up, and light fuse, the fountain should through a huge shower of orange and white sparks out (if using aluminum as well, if not it will only through orange sparks out).

To make an open ended fountain pour cat litter into the tube and compress it as above but don't drill a hole in it. Now fill it up with the composition as above and stick a fuse in the open end, light and watch the show.


How To Make An Air Bomb

To make an air bomb you will need the following:

2 inch long tube
other tube which the smaller tube will slide into or paper and glue
Black Powder

4 End caps
glue gun

Start by making your big tube in which the smaller tube will slide into. Simply roll 5 pieces of paper around the smaller tube (bomb) the paper should be 2 times long than the smaller tube (bomb). Now mix the PVA glue with some warm water and soak the paper tube in the PVA/water mix for about 20 seconds, and then leave them to dry.

Once dry, the tube should be hard. Now place and end cap in the bottom of the large tube and leave a gap of 1 cm to secure it there by filling the gap of 1 cm with hot melt glue. Now drill a hole 5 mm from the top of the end cap end cap (the opposite end from the glue). Glue this tube to a base, so it won’t fall over when it goes off. Now place an end cap in the smaller tube and leave a 5 mm gap from the top of the tube, drill a hole in the end you have just put and end cap in (fuse hole) and fill the gap up with hot melt glue. Now that the fuse and end cap are secured with the glue you can pour some flash powder or chlorate black powder (a weaker flash powder) into the smaller tube until there is a gap of 1 cm from the top. Place and end cap in the gap and fill the remaining gap with hot melt glue. Now place a fuse in the bigger tube where you have drilled the hole, pour about 1 cm of black powder into the larger tube. Now slide you smaller tube (bomb) into the larger tube (mortar) until it wont go any further, the fuse on the bomb should now be touching the black powder in the mortar. Now slide the final end cap in the mortar so it is resting on top of the bomb in the mortar, place a beading of glue around the top edges of that end cap and leave to dry. Now place a piece of tissue paper over the top of the mortar so you are unable to look inside the mortar, secure the tissue paper with cello tape. Now simply light the fuse of the mortar in your garden and the black powder will then be ignited which will then light the fuse on the bomb while at the same time throwing it up into the air. The bomb should then explode while at the peak of its flight. If the bomb falls to the ground before it explodes you will need to add more black powder to the mortar to make it go higher and cut the fuse length down. Do the opposite if the bomb explodes when only half way of its peak.



The following are used in fountains and other fountain like projects

Port Fires

Take 2 parts Sulphur, 6 parts saltpeter, 1 part Mealed powder. This is rammed into cases of from 6 inches to 2 feet long, and 1/2 inch internal diameter. They should be lightly rammed. To give a brilliant flame, add 1 part of iron sand; for a dark flame, 1 part of powdered charcoal.

Chinese Fire


Saltpeter 1 lb

Sulphur 3 oz.

 Charcoal 4 oz.

 Iron sand. 7 oz.


Saltpeter 1 lb.

 Mealed powder 12 oz.

Charcoal 7 1/2 oz.

Fine iron sand 11 oz.

Golden Rain

Mealed powder 4 oz.

saltpeter 1 lb

Sulphur 4 oz.

brass-filings 1 oz.

sawdust 2 1/4 oz.

glass powder, 6 drs.

Silver Rain

Mealed powder 2 oz.

 saltpeter 4 oz.

Sulphur 1 oz.

steel-dust 3/4 oz.

Wheel Cases
Mealed powder 2 lbs

 saltpeter 4 oz.

steel filings 6 oz.


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Current Projects


Fountain #2

To make a fountain in a much easier way, get a shit load of sparklers, a roll of duct tape or (preferably) electrical tape, fuse. First crush up the sparklers if they are the kind on a metal stick, and put them in a sandwich bag that doesn’t have a zip top. Or if they’re something like the morning glory sparklers pour out all the powder into the bag. Next make sure all the stuff is in one corner of the bag, and then cut off the extra plastic so that there is only enough plastic to keep the contents covered. Now stick the fuse in, get out your tape, and tape off the open end and all around the fuse so it’s airtight. Now just keep wrapping the bottom, the edges and near the fuse. If done rite, with only 2 small sparklers, the fountain will last about 4 seconds. If you want, you can just use black powder and whatever metal shavings you want to make different colored sparks, but there is still a chance it will blow up with the gunpowder. UPDATE: I recently added some store bought artist charcoal cause I couldn’t get my hands on any thing else to the sparkle powder/bits, it resulted in a slower burning which is what I was going for, but it affected the color a bit and the height of the shower of sparks.

You can make a great firecracker the same way but use black powder or rocket fuel instead of the sparklers. (some times the sparklers will accidentally blow up)



Star Crackers

Rite now I am working on something I call, “star crackers”. They work as a firecracker, and then they shoot up all the stars that you mixed in. I accidentally came up with the idea when I was modifying a shogun bottle rocket. I absentmindedly mixed some crackling stars with the black powder from the rocket. Then I put all the contents into a 12” by 12” sheet of heavy-duty tinfoil, with a decent sized fuse because I did not know what was going to happen. Then I wrapped it in another 12 by twelve sheet of tinfoil, got some shipping tape and wrapped that around the tinfoil until it was thick enough to snuggly fit inside a toilet paper roll. I shoved it down in, set it on the table and then took some wood glue, (construction adhesive works better), flipped over the star cracker, filled in the space between the tin foil and an toilet paper roll until it was an even layer, the I put a paper tissue over it, flipped it back over and set it down on the table. It takes about 24 hours to dry completely, but if done rite, it’s worth the wait. I am working on a more reliable way to do this, because the given way sometimes lights the gunpowder and stars at once, which makes sparks and multi colored flames shoot up about 10 feet for like 2 seconds. (which is still pretty cool.)


Great crater makers

The reason that I call them crater makers is because the first one made, made a small crater almost 4 inches deep, and almost 9 inches wide. A crater will only be made if you light off the crater maker on dirt, such as lawns, un paved driveways, ECT.

When I was 11 years old, my dad gave me one of those 15” by 10” zip lock bags completely full of firecrackers; they were the kind that had 12 small ones to each pack. I was so happy, and my dad all ways has flash backs, and we were in the truck talking about the present he gave me. He was telling me that him and his friend Dave Sharky used to make firecrackers when they were teens. I said that I didn’t believe him, (just to get him to tell me how to do it), and he started to tell me how, it involved black powder inside one of those coin wrappers, with a fuse, and he said some thing about a wax coating. But then he cut himself off and stayed silent for a minute, and so I said, “Yah, then what did you do?” he looked at me for about 2 seconds and said, “I can’t remember the rest.” I looked at him in disbelief, and decided oh well. Then he told me that we should make some when we got home. We got home, I asked him if we could make them the same way he used to, he said with some hesitation yes, he then came up with a way that wouldn’t work, cause he didn't want me to blow my hand off. So he grabbed some black powder pellets for muzzleloader hunting. He crushed it up, (not letting me see how he did it safely), and put it in a penny role. He then put a little bit of tissue paper, and he inserted some visco fuse. Then he melted some wax over the penny role. We went outside, and lit it off. It made a pitiful spraying sort of noise. I looked really disappointed so he said to go back inside cause he had a new idea. His attempts to keep me safe back fired, because the way of making firecrackers is almost 5 times more powerful than the original way that he did it. So this is what we did:


How to make the crater makers:

First off, get a piece of PVC pipe that is big enough to fit muzzleloader pellets in snuggly, make sure the pipe is 6 inches long. Then get 3 muzzleloader black powder pellets. A tube of construction adhesive. Fuse. Tissue paper. Cereal box cardboard.

First off, put about an inch of construction adhesive into one end of the tube; make sure it’s making a flat surface across the end of the tube. Then, shove a crumpled up piece of tissue paper through the non-covered end. Then insert the three black powder pellets with the fuse running down through the hole in the middle of the pellets make sure the fuse runs about 2 inches out of the non-covered end. Then put crumpled tissue paper around the fuse so that you cannot see the powder pellets any more. Then fill the remaining area of the tube with construction adhesive, making sure that there are no air bubbles in it. Then all you have to do is wait 24 hours for the adhesive to dry. The next day when you are ready to light off the crater makers, glue a 2” by 2” piece of card board onto the bottom end of the tube, set on the ground once glue is dry, light and run like hell. WARNING: if you plan on looking at the explosion, it is highly recommended that you are wearing safety goggles, or have something in front of your face like a sheet of plexi glass because of shrapnel and other things flying through the air. (My dad and I got rained on by rocks and dirt because we have a gravel drive way.)

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