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*blinks* this is my shout out page. yup. this is my shout out page. so,
i wanna bust a shout out to:

the best people in the world:
meghan reeves- heyyyyy! i miss you! :D you know, you're the woodstock to my snoopy. im still wearing my ring, and u better be ready for when i pick you up in my black F150. i never met that ricky character, but now theres this tom i need to meet. 'we didnt make the chicken, just the chicken sandwich' er something like that.
ashley purvis- hey purv!(yes, we're still homie g dawgs even though you like your computer more than me. pretty sad huh? *smile*) im never ever gonna forgive you for peeing on my leg. :D yes, i am proud to say im the only person to ever steal a seat from the cafeteria and surf in a pool. oh, and we need to go to that football game on halloween. yes, i will buy your cd when ur a white girl rapper and u have to send me some of that pimp juice. ;)
megan hunter- <--(hey! its french!)(hey..pippy #2, megan #3, unnlovable luzr#2, trevor, and whoever else you are. jump roping is embarassing. i swear. who's andrew?! sorry i never sent you those noodles in the mail. i forgot. hahaha. well. we have friends over 21. that took pictures of us jumping up and down. (i dont think thats a good thing.) yes, spring flings are like bloody cults of doom, dont let the name throw you off. :)
molly balangue- hey! i havnt talked to you in awhile. well. i see you every morning, but thats different. i saw whats-his-face. hahaha. i like scrawny white guys. hahaha. we need to walk around sometime. 'his fish swam upside down' i would have laughed too. :D
emily marlow- hey emoohlee! *giggle* so how was the pudding? guy in health: 'yeah, this one time i got drunk and woke up and my pants were gone.' that was funny. pool guys suck. *nods* yes they do. 'do u need some help over there?' 'just go clean your pool and leave me alone!!'
my twin lakers:
jewel usonhey chick. you're my partner in crime. literlly, dude. animal trax! get in toruble at mandarin, then u can come to sandalwood with me :D
katie williams-(your the justin timberlake to my marilyn manson)<--hahahaha. it just needed tobe said. ;)sowwie i lost your sweater.. i really need to meet this 57 year old Matt of yours think that's illegal.. your cousin is annoying..sorry.. but its true.. RAPE IS A CRIME, ALWAYS
noah may hey buddy! ive known u since 4th grade, and im gonna miss you! i know who u like! nothing much else to say..
Christen croley-hey babes im sorry bout that whole jordan thing. *hugs* have fun at Douglas Anderson. Lauren Correa- didnt your mommy ever tell you that stealing stuff from other people's purses is wrong? *shakes finger*
Robbie Johnson- hey sexay..420!! u better pass next year so then u can get out of TLAM and go to sandalwood. Your hair was so sexay when we colored it with markers, i tell you what.
Amber Blackstone- hey.i miss how we used to talk every day last summer and i kinda miss that *tears* yeah i guess were 'former' bandmates now.
Christian Barlowhey sexy..penis! haha.. i played that nickels game the other day. it made my knuckles bleed and i think i lost. *shrugs* oh well.
Christina i fell in the bushes.. and the cat scratched me.. and locker bit me.. i dont think anyone believed me..haha.. im gonna miss u next year when ur gonna be the only one at the bus stop, but ill still keep leaving you those notes. :D
griff collinshey sexy i love you because your a skater, and i still need to come over some time ..the beach is evil..PAIN..
Kevin Toparhey sexy ur one of the CRAZIEST guys that i know and im gonna miss u 4 that though.. ('kevin what are u looking forward to highschool about?' 'to leave ms brown.. because i hate her' that was funny..) yeah u know ur one of those eminem wanna-bes .. but thats ok (u had those two lil spots in your head that werent the same color blond as the rest of your head..
Kevin Duplesishey u were kinda annoying this year (just a lil) but then again, i probably was too. that was funny at lunch when me and meghan put the tampon in your drink and u threw it all over us! u know u bought ur home ec food from publix and ur apron was just a lil messed up lol .. I WAS THE ONE WHO STOLE YOUR I.D.!!! *muahaha*
Morgan Thompson, Katie Rowlette, Jessica Cannon hey yall. im sorry we kinda stopped hanging out at the end of last year, but yall know i love ya, right?

KK-hey!hey im sorry your short. naw jkn. i <3 you!! Skylar still wants to meet Sable. you didnt wanna dance with me and Megan at the play thing *tear* i miss you, i dont see u anymore, and sry i didnt go 2 your party. :D
nat- hey. ill edit this later.
the sandalwood people

okay, i am too lazy to give yall shout outs at the moment because im too lazy, but ill update this when i get around to it, so hey. yall know who you>
to everyone i forgot, ill see you in the pit :D