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-->About a girl: You can call her Meaghan , although she dosnt care what you call her. She is 3 years shy of being legal and lives in a hickville town in Florida She graced the world on March 1, 1989 . She brushes her medium length blonde hair and she sees through blue eyes. She touches the sky at 5'7" .Jamie Sullivan would be proud, she's a christian.

She is: single } crushin| taken| heartbroken|

-->love it // Tatoos. Body piercings. Music. Friends. Shopping. Talking on the Phone. Talking Online. Boys. Flirting. i-LiNER. Saftey Pins. Skaters. Guitars. Internet. Po3try. Br4celets. more?

--> loathe it // Broken hearts. Posers. Mean people. Rap. Cleaning. Working. Bugs. Hyprocrites. more?

--> musical relief // i fucking like music. im too lazy too list all the bands and the list changes too much deal with it..*list goes on..*

--> DR00L W0RTHY // Kurt Cobain. tom delonge. dani filth. eh..