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From 1910-1920, the relationship between the United States and Mexico was troubling because of the two nations vastly different interests. Mexico was facing opposition from all classes of Mexican society. The upper-middle and upper class societies were in support of the elitist government, while the poor and working class were strongly opposed to the overwhelming wealth and power that the government had. Mexico was fighting a class revolution and all sides were loosing. Dictator's and their regimes were short lived. Politics was a problem since the society was so divided economically and know one could agree on any kind of political rule. Mexican's started to migrate across the border illegally, in search of work and to plot further acts of violence among each other. Mexico was bringing their revolution across the border. The interest of Mexico was not about creating equality for all, but to continue to widen the gap between the political elite and the poor working class. The United States proceeded with intervention, specifically by political and military forces. The United States had gained interest in Mexican affairs when American lives were threatened and our economic interests were jeopardized. The United States had made investments in Mexico's economy (through oil and bonds), Americans were living in Mexico and Illegal immigration was causing economic hardships on our own economy (through the wage rate and labor force). The United States was also concerned for the welfare of the poor and working class in Mexico, with numerous women and religious groups getting involved during the revolution for primarily, humanity reasons.

Mexico and the United States each had their own agenda's to look after. During the Mexican Revolution unfortunately, the social and economic changes that were taking place in Mexico had too great of an impact on the Unites States for us to ignore. The result was a period of political and economic intervention. The impact of both the political and economic interest of the United States and Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, from 1910-1920, have caused distrust and anti-American and anti-Mexican feelings that continue to evolve today.

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