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During the decade of 1910-1920, the United States and the Mexican border was a volatile area. The region was continually interacting, both societies coming into direct contact with one another. Individuals, families, and larger groups from both sides, freely moved from one country to the other. Two very different cultures were exchanging events and ideas that led to permenant influences in both countries. These influences had a huge impact on the political, economical and social effects in both societies. During times of extreme and rapid change, like the Mexican Revolution from 1910-1920, these influences were profoundly affected. Essentially the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution had spawned an era of violence as well as political and economic radicalism in Mexico. This was the beginning to the threatened interests and lives of the United States citizens, specifically North Americans living in the border regions as well as in the interior of Mexico. This eventually led to political and military intervention from the side of the United States.

One thing is certain about the outcome of the Mexican Revolution. The United States influenced the revolution at every turn. The United States became heavily involved with Mexico during 1910-1920. Political pressure caused the highest powers to seek interaction. President Taft and President Wilson were both driving forces behind the US military involvement during the Mexican Revolution. The common US citizen got involved through associations like the Women's groups, Religious groups and The Red Cross. On the other side, Mexican citizens of all classes were fighting for their own political and economic strives. The Mexican women were the most overlooked and underrepresented group in the revolution. These women were, rich as well as poor, educated, as well as uneducated, and went often into combat on the front line carrying their children on their backs.

The Mexican Revolution was a period of contrast and conflict between two nations. What was the best interest of one nation, was the worst interest for the other. What were the political and economic interests of the United States, and Mexico, who was involved in them, and what were the outcomes of their interests?

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