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JuSTa.GeSTaH  Has Supplied ALL Da Required SHyt 2 Do THis TuTe

AcroBat Reader   winzip8.0   Tutorial For FreeHand 

Macromedia FreeHand 10 

Tutorial For FreeHand 10


This tutorial demonstrates how to use the sophisticated illustration tools in

Macromedia FreeHand 10 to create professional documents for both print and

the Web. By taking the tutorial, you’ll design a document that publicizes a

museum exhibit dedicated to the artifacts of ancient Egypt. When the document

is complete, you’ll select an area of the pages in your document for printing. You’ll

also export two pages that will comprise a Macromedia Flash movie, complete

with navigation buttons.

Specifically, you will complete the following tasks:

Create and edit vector shapes

Import objects

Organize objects in libraries

Work with objects on layers

Work with colors, including contour gradient fills

Align objects along a path and on the perspective grid

Select the print area for your document

Preview the file in the Flash Playback window

Export the file into the Flash movie format (SWF)

And Much More!!!!!!!!!!!